SU Elections: Meet your 2017 Activities candidate

During our SU Elections media day on Saturday 4th March, we chatted with the candidate hoping to be your 2017-18 Activities Officer. Here’s what he had to say.

Martin Nguyen

Image by Sophie Ridler for Impact Images

Martin Nguyen is a third year Philosophy student who is running to be your Activities Officer.

His main experience comes from being a Lead Welcome Mentor and the Activities Rep for Florence Boot Hall.

Martin’s most important policy is to redevelop Kickstart, as he feels that it is often an “afterthought” for students.

He tells us that, in his opinion, the week is not as utilised as it should be and that his knowledge of other universities’ similar schemes would help to influence his strategy. “It’s so hyped up at other universities,” he explains.

Martin’s solution is to increase and redesign the publicity surrounding the week and to increase society engagement with it.

“This includes making [Kickstart] week a “cool-off period” after exams instead of going straight back into lectures”

This includes a number of SU events ran throughout the day, and making the week a “cool-off period” after exams instead of going straight back into lectures.

Martin specifies that he would want a range of events throughout the week that are designed to get people out of their accommodation.

He also says that there should be further targeting towards students from later years to increase student engagement.

Another key aspect of Martin’s manifesto is to change committee training. He believes that training should be tailored to specific committee roles, citing the example of presidents and social secs attending events training.

“Martin wants to use the same software as the University uses for its timetabling [for the SU events calendar]”

He also wants there to be more publicity for committee training.

Martin also claims that the current SU events calendar system is “not very good”. He wants to use the same software as the University uses for its timetabling, including the ability to refine the list based on students’ interests and course preferences.

Martin is most looking forward to getting out, meeting people, speaking to them about their issues and increasing voter turnout as a whole.

His campaign slogan is “Let’s Be Friends, Let’s Make Change”.

Luke Norman

To read Martin’s manifesto, head to the Student Leader Elections website.

Featured image: Daniel Norman

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