Varsity 2017 Preview: Karate

Last year they took an L, but today they’ll bounce back. Despite placing first, second and third in the final event last year in Karate on Super Wednesday, an energetic UoN Karate team were beaten by just 5 points. However, after talking to first year Physics student and future Karate Treasurer, Will, and final year Chemical Engineer, Isobel, I don’t think Trent will be so lucky this year.

As with any sport, Karate have definitely upped the intensity since their successful BUCS season: “The intensity is upping as we’re getting closer. I’m aching from training yesterday – that’s how you know you did a good session”.

The duo added: “We’re really excited – we had the BUCS Nationals about a month ago, so we’ve had a bit of a rest, but now it’s about getting into it keeping that mindset!”

It’s great to see how inclusive the team is, as they have been able to develop fighters in their first year at the club, like Will, as well as see a return of the more experienced fighters such as Isobel.

“I think that we’ve got a good novice base. There are loads of people that started this year, like Will, and have already done a National competition and should hopefully medal in Varsity,” Isobel told Impact.

“I think that’s really exciting that we’ve got people that are similar to myself that have been doing it for years and people like Will who’ve never done it before, so that’s quite a nice,” she added.

In Impact’s discussion, we got into debate about how exciting and brutal the sport can be, with the athletes brushing off serious injuries such as broken legs as if they were nothing. Needless to say, this is going to be one of the events to watch on Wednesday.

Of course, support is always welcome. “I think it’s really encouraging. Last year we were at the Trent sport centre, and a couple of people’s friends came; it was really nice to have your team there and sometimes you can zone out a bit in the middle of a fight and hear people cheering you on and calling your name. It makes it so much more fun”.

With the men’s Kumite being something to look forward to – the team is still strong despite two injuries – and the female Kata also looking particularly strong, it should be a great Varsity event to watch.

Chances of winning? “100%.”

Joshua Ogunmonkun

Image courtesy of University of Nottingham Sport

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