Vice-Chancellor releases plans for UoN post Brexit

In a statement released this week, Sir David Greenaway (Vice-Chancellor at The University of Nottingham) has said that “not much [will] change” for UoN after the UK leaves the European Union.

Writing on his blog, Sir Greenaway has asserted that UoN “remains a global institution with an international outlook”.

Greenaway revealed that the University have set up an EU Task Force, chaired by Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Karen Cox, which will address the outcome of Brexit at UoN.

“there has been a 7% decrease in undergraduate applications from outside of the UK”

According to the Vice-Chancellor, since the Referendum results, student applications from the EU have decreased in line within the rest of the UK Higher Education sector.

He notes that data from UCAS has revealed that there has been a 7% decrease in undergraduate applications from outside of the UK. However, there has been an increase in the EU research proposals that Nottingham leads and is involved in.

The UK Government has put Science and Innovation as one of the twelve Brexit objectives and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karen Cox will endeavour to ensure that the science and university community will heard by senior politicians.

Cox has said: “Opportunities for international student mobility are an essential part of being a Nottingham student and the university will ensure current opportunities are protected.”

“staff applications from non-UK EU nationals decreased but recovered within a few months”

The University of Nottingham is a multicultural and global institution: with students from over 150 countries, three campuses in England, Malaysia and China and many colleagues from the EU.

According to Greenaway, after Brexit staff applications from non-UK EU nationals decreased, but recovered within a few months.

The university will also “expand teaching and research partnerships in Europe – demonstrating our commitment to European collaboration”. Furthermore, intelligence-gathering and lobbying activity has been carried out and online resources have been made available to guide stakeholders.

Mary Anne Litchfield

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