Yo fancy a Yo mama’s?

“Yo Mama” is a project inspired by Uber and mums while being born from the Nottingham Entrepreneurs Launchpad event in December 2016 by Inshaal Ahmad and Adnaan Shakur. It’s simple, all you have to do is fill out a survey and get your homemade dish delivered to either Jubilee campus, University Park (free delivery) or to your house (delivery = £2.99).

Current dishes available are Malaysian Nasi Lemak (rice, chicken and sauce) or Chinese fried noodles (chicken or veggie) and at £4.99 each, we decided to give their Malaysian dish a good ol’ review.

We were provided with a veggie and chicken version of Nasi Lemak. On first glance the difference between the vegetarian dish and the chicken seemed rather drastic – as a group we thought that the vegetarian dish could do with some more peanuts or maybe tofu as a chicken alternative. BUT WOAH… The sauce… Ohhh but the sauce.

It surprised us all with its nutty depth that was hugged with a tangy fruitiness, meanwhile leaving a kick from the chilli as an aftertaste which left you wanting more. Not to mention the amazingly tender, juicy and flavoursome chicken which almost melted in our mouths as soon as it landed off the fork. The rice was also well cooked and had a pleasant stickiness. The dishes also came with little cucumber pieces and lettuce; the cucumber was fab as a fire extinguisher but we thought the lettuce didn’t really offer much to the dish. As an improvement we thought maybe a small yogurt pot on the side would be a great alternative to the lettuce leaf.

We really wanted to find out the ingredients of this sauce – this actually turned out to be a bit of an issue as apparently there are many variations out there (according to Wikipedia). So we thought it would be great if some of the ingredients in the dish were stated on the Survey Monkey page, not just for curiosity’s sake but for those out there suffering from allergies. To add to this, we found out some variations can contain anchovies which is not exactly re-assuring if you’re a vegetarian.

Overall, the idea behind the project is great but it definitely has room for improvement such as detailing allergens. However, it’s start-ups like these that make university a great place to be and the Impact Food team look forward to seeing the future of Yo Mama.

Sarvenaz Hosseini

picture taken from Yo Mama’s Facebook page

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