Creative Corner: For the ‘Credulous Fools’ Who Dare Challenge Shakespeare

In response to our recent controversial article, which asked if Shakespeare is that big a deal any more, Impact Arts’ Esther has a very decided opinion…

For the ‘Credulous Fools’ Who Dare Challenge Shakespeare:

This ‘upstart crow’ that you refer to

Whose reputation you’ve marred

Wrote 154 sonnets for his true love,

‘Thou art as tyrannous,’ to disregard the bard.

The accusations go on and on,

But ‘rough winds do shake’ your critiques

Your comments make me yawn

And your droning makes me feel fatigued.

So ‘shall I compare thee to a summers day?’

I would much rather try

‘To praise an eel with the same praise’

And bid you a long-deserved goodbye.

Your insults were as tragic as Caesar stabbed 23 times

And Shakespeare annihilates you entirely in all his 118,406 lines.

Esther Kearney

Image credit: Scott Rettberg via Flickr.

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