Rooftop stand off in Dunkirk

Emergency services have been called due to an incident involving two men in Cloister Street, near Queen’s Medical Centre.  

At around 9am today (Wednesday 5th April) two young men were seen on the roofs of residential properties. Emergency services arrived soon after, closing Cloister Street in Dunkirk at the junction of Abbey Street.

The area of Dunkirk is home to many students at The University of Nottingham. One student, who chose to stay anonymous, lives in a student property terraced house close to the incident.

Speaking to Nottingham Post, the resident said that the men were throwing tiles from the roof, with some of them falling onto his car:

“They are refusing to come down. We can hear them walking on the roof.”

“Police told the two men to come down and not jump and to think about their families. It’s been going on since then.”

“They are refusing to come down. We can hear them walking on the roof […] I feel like it’s under control, we’re not scared – but more than anything it’s a little bit annoying. We can’t go anywhere.”

Nottinghamshire Police released a statement on the incident earlier today:

“Police have evacuated a number of homes to ensure the safety of residents as they continue to deal with an incident in Dunkirk.”

“People are being advised to stay away from the area.”

“Police and partners have put appropriate measures in place to look after residents, including a rest centre at The Johnson Arms pub, providing them with free tea and coffee.”

People are being advised to stay away from the area.

At time of writing, Cloister Street is completely closed and part of Dunkirk Road which is used to access Cloister Street is also closed.

Sarah Lindgärde

Image: Matt Buck via Flickr. License available here.

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