Summer Makeup Trends and How To Create Them

The makeup trends of summer 2017 may look hard to wear but when done right they are stunning and the perfect boost to your summer wardrobe. We’ve collated the biggest trends here, with advice on how to make them without breaking your budget.


When done right gloss can be striking, effortless and minimal. For a wearable look, it’s best to pick one feature to focus on: lids or lips. For a tamed down look on the eyes, try brushing a sheer satin shadow across the entire lid in a neutral shade. This will highlight the eyes and create a glowing look without the full-on gloss – this is also best for those with sensitive skin as gloss may irritate the eyes. If you’re more adventurous, pick a clear gloss and dab it on the lid, focusing on the centre. Mac’s Clear Gloss is ideal for an eye look. Pair either of these looks with a natural finish on the face, with long lashes and a blushed pink on the lips. The key to making this look wearable is to avoid too much colour. A safer and more classic option is a glossy lip – it’s easy, quick, and flattering on everyone. Clear gloss works across the board, but if you’re tired of matte lipsticks dominating the beauty game, try a glossy lipstick instead. Peachy colours are perfect for summer, while plums and browns make gloss grungy and will add something new to any makeup look.

“go fully monochromatic”

Monochromatic Looks

Using the same colour across your face might sound boring, but it has a gorgeous impact. Pinks, reds, and oranges are the trendiest colours for this year’s summer looks. Using your lipstick, as a blush will also help to tie any monochromatic look you choose together. If you want to go fully monochromatic, try a peachy look. This will look vibrant and fresh on virtually all skin tones. Using Sleek Shimmer Blush in Peach on the cheeks and as a single colour on the lids. It’s the timeless and surprisingly easy monochrome look to achieve. If you want a more dramatic look, try using your lipstick as eyeliner. A red wing and red lip combination is perfect for a more unique look, it plays off the same classic style as a peach monochromatic look but adds a real boldness to the look. Alternatively, a deep purple can be a classier standout alternative for an evening look.


Glitter looks absolutely incredible in the sunlight and it can elevate even the most minimalist makeup look into something striking. For a subtly glittered look, try swiping a glittery highlight over your cheekbone and brow-bone, it will make for an effortlessly minimal and chic glow. A really affordable option is the Liquid Glow Illuminator by L’Oreal. If you have a warm or deeper skin tone try the product in gold; for fair or cooler tones stick to the pink version. To really make an eye look pop, try putting glitter in the inner corner. This looks particularly striking if paired with a natural eye and a coloured glitter. Any light or shimmery eyeshadow will work wonderfully, but to push this look into even bolder territory use a chunkier glitter. You can find these online easily, but Topshop’s Glitter Pot in Catalyst is my recommendation.

Words by Molly Barratt.

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    In fact, I believe that shine can be an independent accessory. Sometimes just a black dress and a shine in a hair will make an outfit.

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