Trailer Watch – Murder On the Orient Express

Agatha Christie’s timeless mystery, Murder on the Orient Express, has been brought back to the big screen by director Kenneth Branagh in a new film adaptation. The release of the film’s new trailer has certainly presented a thrilling first impression. 

From the trailer, Branagh sets the suspense of the story and introduces us to all of the characters who will later become murder suspects, with himself, well suited, as the famous detective Hercule Poirot (who we observe as the tough interrogator from the start).

There is no doubt from the trailer that action sequences will play much more of a part in this film as opposed to other adaptations, however, from the trailer, it seems that Branagh has effortlessly twined the action into the adaptation. This is an element that hopefully shouldn’t derive too much away from the murder mystery itself.

The cast (as already mentioned) is probably one of the biggest features of the film. Literally, the cast seems to feature almost everyone, from Johnny Depp to Judi Dench. However, from the trailer,  I think that the actors to watch out for in the film will be Leslie Odom Jr. (of Hamilton fame), Daisy Ridley and Olivia Coleman, who could have the potential to give stellar performances.

The film will no doubt garner some Oscar buzz and become an almost too predictable contender at the awards, given its timing of release, famous story and widely known cast.

Although I am hopeful that the film will live up to the standards of the story and later adaptations, there lies the fear that with such a big production it might not live up to the massive expectations and pressures imposed onto such a well-loved story. But we will have to wait and see in November.

To be released – 10th November, 2017

Chelle Williams

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