Top 5 – Boardgames for Halloween

Halloween season has fallen upon us once again, and everyone is buzzing with a darkened excitement. Halloween parties are naturally going to be in abundance, some more hard-core than others, but if you would prefer to celebrate the spooky season through the world of Board Games, read on to find out Impact’s top 5 Board Game suggestions to play during this Halloween season.

  1. Mysterium

If ghosts are your thing, Mysterium is certainly a game for you. Able to accommodate up to 7 players, one player takes the role of a ghost, whilst the remainder of the group plays ‘Mediums,’ attempting to communicate with the amnesic ghost to discover exactly how the poor fellow met his fate. Through the power of ‘visions’ (represented in the game through beautifully illustrated cards), the mediums must attempt to deduce who killed the ghost, with what weapon, and where, over the course of 7 (in-game) hours. Should the mediums be successful, then the killer is identified, and the ghost may finally rest in peace; if not, then it’s time to try again!

2. One Night Ultimate Werewolf 

For a more fast-paced, light-hearted game, you should definitely check out One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a game of deception, secrecy, and utter chaos. To sum it up, at the start of the game, each player is assigned a role. You must remember your role, then place your role card on the table in front of you, and close your eyes. Certain roles come with abilities, some useful, some chaotic, and these abilities occur over the course of this ‘night period’.

“It’s certainly a brilliant game for either small groups, or larger parties”

At the end of the ‘night’ when all abilities have occurred, every player opens their eyes, and they then have a set amount of time to try and deduce who among the group (if any) are werewolves. The aim of the game will be either to kill the werewolves if you are a villager (based on a voting system at the end of the time period) or, if you are a werewolf, to survive the voting and finish the game unscathed. It’s certainly a brilliant game for both small groups, or larger parties, and you can even download a handy little app to your phone (for free) which will not only add appropriate background music to your game, but will also go through each of the roles whilst you’re all in ‘night period’ to let you know who goes when and what to do, definitely a fab game for parties!

  1. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Recommended by our very own Boardgame Society, Betrayal at House on the Hill is an exciting, suspense-filled game wherein players explore a haunted mansion of their own design. Suitable for 3-6 players, all are given a chance to build their very own haunted house, tile by tile, encountering ghosts and potential terrifying omens along the way. Not only that, but one player secretly attempts to betray the party, and the other players must try to discover (and defeat) the traitor before it’s too late! If you fancy a suspense-filled strategic game, this is a game certainly to peak your interest!

  1. Dead of Winter

A game which also includes potential traitorous members, Dead of Winter is a massive, yet fantastic, zombie survival game, perfect for Halloween time. Although it can take quite a bit of time to complete, this terrifying, strategic masterpiece is a must-play for any board game fanatics. Set in a weakened colony during a zombie apocalypse, players must work together to reach an overall goal, collecting food, fuel, and medicine along the way to ensure they stay alive long enough to reach said goal.

“Action-packed, while bound to have unexpected moments of tension and terror, this game is perfect for Halloween!”

The twist? Each player must additionally achieve their own secret goal, some of which are more difficult than others, and one of which could potentially be to sabotage the rest of the group…

Full of different characters with a variety of abilities, each player gets to control their own small group of survivors to help them with both goals and ensure they survive the harsh winter climate in which this zombie apocalypse is set. Action-packed, while bound to have unexpected moments of tension and terror, this game is perfect for Halloween!

  1. Cluedo

Finally, if the first four aren’t your thing, why not check out an old classic: Cluedo. Played at least once by almost everyone, Cluedo is certainly a brilliant classic to play during the creepy period. Take on the role of one of the famous suspects and try discovering just who the murderer is, their weapon of choice, and location of the crime. Once you’ve done all three tasks, you can claim the win in this fabulous classic murder-mystery game!

We know there are plenty more fabulous Halloween appropriate board games out there, and we welcome you to look for more, but for now, we hope you enjoyed Impact’s top picks! Should you try any of them out, we hope you enjoy them! Should you be unsure of where to find a group to try out these games with, don’t forget that we have a fantastic board game society here at Nottingham who meet every Tuesday at the Portland Building (C27) and they’d love to meet you!

Georgia Butcher

Featured image courtesy of antony_mayfield via Flickr

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