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UoN American Football dominate Trent from first down to the last

UoN American Football continued an undefeated start to the season last Saturday evening at the David Ross Sports Village against heated rivals Nottingham Trent, winning 33-0. The home side dominated from start to finish, with Trent never seeming to really leave the bus.

Both sides had won their prior two games rather handily, setting this one up as a tantalising top of the table clash. However, led by quarterback Patrick Daley as well as suffocating defensive play, UoN held the advantage from start to finish. After forcing a punt after an 8 play drive with a key sack by Jack Casey, UoN managed to get on the board in just two plays, with a long pass from Daley followed by Pierce Ripanti from the “Meat” package punching the ball in for the touchdown and the 7-0 lead.

“outclassed from start to finish”

UoN then held Trent to another short drive, the sole first down coming due to a penalty after stuffing a pair of runs. This was then followed by an excellent long drive from the home side interrupted by the end of the first quarter, with Daley eventually keeping the ball to rush in for the touchdown from around 10 yards out. Casey then again got a sack on the first play of Trent’s drive to help force a 3 and out where there were then some afters following a short punt return showing some frustration from the visitors. This was then immediately followed by a deep pass on a post pattern from Daley to LaQuan Lambert for 6 more points. This time the extra point attempt was blocked, making the score 20-0 to the hosts.

At this point Trent were looking rather frustrated, with another short drive of only 4 plays that was then kept alive after UoN roughed the punter. This then led a couple of plays later to an interception by Eric Anthony to give the hosts the ball back. Points were then swiftly put on the board again with Ripanti adding 6 more out of a run from the “Meat” package again with the extra point being added to make the score 27-0. After a couple of ineffectual plays from Trent it was time for the break with the hosts to receive the ball when the teams came back out.

After 6 more run plays and 1 pass off a play fake the final points of the game were added with a rushing touchdown from Derek Knott on a jet sweep play. The following two point attempt was unsuccessful, making the margin 33-0 in favour of the hosts. After gaining some momentum on the following drive Trent then forced a 3 and out from UoN and then followed that with one of their own to leave the ball on their own 34 yard line with UoN in possession to start the final quarter.

At this point the hosts brought in backup quarterback Babatunde Pratt for most of the remainder of the contest. This led to a more rushing based attack which faltered initially with a 3 and out. After a successful pass play and a penalty Trent were unable to create some points of any kind and were closer to creating an interception before turning the ball over on downs. Here the pace became somewhat more frenetic, with a short drive for the hosts followed by another turnover on downs by the visitors, and then a final 3 and out for UoN. Trent then threw a final interception to secure the whitewash for the hosts after a final short run.

Frustrations were bubbling throughout the game for the visitors but they were outclassed by UoN from start to finish, with the camaraderie palpable from the sideline during defensive drives in particular. This was a quality first home win of the season and bodes well for new coach Jason Scott’s time in Nottingham.

Callum McPhail

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