‘I’m a (D-list) Celebrity get me out of here!’ – One week in!

The feeling of festive cheer tends to vary from person to person, with some like myself refusing to even acknowledge the thought of this year’s stocking before the angel hits the top of the Christmas tree, whilst others blast Silent Night from the first of November. For a large percentage of the population however, the most prominent indication that Christmas is around the corner is the return of the much loved reality TV show, ‘I’m a (D-list) Celebrity get me out of here!’

“A sight that divided the nation on twitter”

Who doesn’t love watching people push themselves to their limits and observe even the greatest sportsmen quiver at the sight of a single snake as world champion boxer, Amir Khan did. When completing the first task he mistook a jungle snake for a key, pulling it straight out of the hole and screaming at the top of his voice, forcing him to shout the safe words, ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!’ a sight that divided the nation on twitter over whether to class him as a champ or a chump. This resulted in a dinner consisting of rice and beans being served to the camp members, making my horrendous attempts at cooking seem Michelin star worthy.

Being thrown into alien conditions makes for a consistently interesting show, as these celebrities are stuck with one another every second of every day as though part of a psychological experiment to see how they react under pressure, knowing that the outcome of each task will not only affect themselves but their team mates. The programme transforms even Georgia Toffolo, a member of the Made in Chelsea cast into a bull penis and lamb anus eater.

“They could not even pay me ten million pounds to take part on this show”

I cannot help but feel concerned, however, for their safety and mental well-being, as they strive for treats and meal tickets amongst spider infested rooms and eel filled tanks. Iain Lee’s task of swimming through rectangular tanks to grab stars and reach air pockets, raised my level of anxiety through the roof, since loss of oxygen is not an irrational fear that the public is able to laugh about. He even had to receive oxygen after backing out of the challenge, proving the stupidity of its creation whilst solidifying the fact that they could not even pay me ten million pounds to take part on this show, although twenty million would be tempting.

It appears that Scottish Labour MP, Kez Dugdale hilariously does not believe her pay is enough and has therefore cleverly discovered the show’s loop hole by hardly trying in tasks and somewhat resisting interaction with campmates, whilst simultaneously being paid a six figure sum, making her a favourite amongst the bosses. Even Iain who I believed would bring more humour to the group due to his comedic background has done the exact opposite by taking on the role as cocky prime minister of the camp. This caused Rebekah Vardy to call him a “be***nd,” the most offensive thing she could think of to say under ITV supervision.

“The kindness of people is becoming infuriating”

Whilst this was an opportunity for possible tension amongst the group, initially enticing viewers, it was very short-lived after the exposure of the main camp’s true intentions behind winning the tasks, to gain care packages for the oblivious other half of the team. This is now the one and only time I can truly say that the kindness of people is becoming infuriating.

Whilst the show is clearly one of the funniest things on television, and is more than deserving of being considered one of the greatest programmes of the reality genre, this year’s lineup has disappointed many viewers, including myself. Indeed, there appears to be a distinct lack of any personality that gave the show a cutting edge, and induced viewers to tune in almost every night.

“I may find myself straying to other channels”

In previous years, we’ve had the loveable, boisterous, cheeky chap in the form of Jimmy Bullard, ignorant royalty with Lady Colin Campbell, and the gorgeous yet cowardly Helen Flannagan. In comparison, there is seemingly nothing remotely unique about the current celebrities. ITV seem intent on sticking with the formula of a couple of moderately successful reality stars, a few retired soap actors, a has-been sports athlete, or a relative of an actual famous person. For these reasons, I feel it will be hard to maintain my interest for the entirety of this years show, and I may find myself straying to other channels, especially when Peaky Blinders is on!

Although the concept of I’m a Celebrity will inevitably live on, the producers need to re-evaluate the real reasons the show found so much success, which isn’t the un-godly number of critters used, or the difficulty of the trials; it’s the contestants themselves!


Sarah Haywood

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