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EP Review: Lizzy Farrall – All I Said Was Never Heard

Across only five tracks, Lizzy Farrall makes a lasting impression with her first EP All I Said Was Never Heard. Inspired by situations experienced during her teenage years, Farrall explores relationships and the turbulence of youth with a beautiful mix of angst and heart-breaking indie vibes.

“A beautiful echoing quality”

The song ‘Broken Toy’ creates a promising start to the EP, instantly showcasing some angelic vocals; some already likening to that of the acclaimed American singer/ song writer Julien Baker. The gradual build up of guitars behind the vocal tracks has a beautiful echoing quality, creating a natural flow throughout her music which has a similar haunting effect to that of the indie band Daughter.

‘Better with’ captures the joys of teenage angst, showing the greatest promise and forming the catchiest song on the entire EP. Farrall’s love for the alternative rock band Moose Blood is not only professed in the lyrics of the song, but also comes through in the full sound which is maintained by the only strong bassline on the EP. As the most guitar heavy track, ‘Better With’ creates an interesting contrast to the slower indie folk vibes of the next track ‘Better Off.’

“These last songs, lyrically, feel the most intimate and personal”

The final two tracks on the EP ‘Better Off’ and ‘Hollow Friends’ does not have the same impact as the rest of the songs, lacking the complexity of layers in ‘Broken Toy,’ and the full sound achieved in ‘Better With’. However, these last songs, lyrically, feel the most intimate and personal, which is something that shouldn’t be drowned out and ignored by any flashy effects or guitar riffs. These final two songs also introduce an indie folk aspect to Farrall’s song writing, showcasing an impressive range of what she is capable of creating.

The acoustic start of final track ‘Hollow Friends’ takes a while to build, but patience pays off as some brass instruments are introduced to round off this stunning debut EP with an unexpected full and emotional sound.

It’s refreshing to see new talent coming through, and Farrall’s EP is definitely setting the bar high for the new music of 2018. Although some of the songs seem simplistic in comparison to others, the entire EP highlights her astonishing vocals and shows off an impressive range of talent that I hope will be further explored in a future full-length album.


Celeste Adams

Lizzy Farrall’s EP “All I Said Was Never Heard” is out now. You can see her live this January supporting Seaway on their UK tour from the 10th to the 17th.

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