Kim Possible Live-Action Movie in the Making – But What’s the Sitch?

From numerous live-action creations of Disney films to re-masters of beloved video games, it is fair to say that we are currently living in an ‘era of remakes’. Although some of these promised reboots cause a surplus of groans (Heathers, I’m looking at you), there are a few pieces of brilliance which, upon announcement, cause an eruption of joy. One such example happened just recently with the announcement that Disney has begun casting for a live-action movie of Disney channel favourite Kim Possible.

First airing in 2002, Kim Possible was a massive hit amongst fans. Kim was a normal high school student by day, but an incredible crime-fighting heroine by night. The show was a light-hearted but brilliant piece of animation, depicting a strong female character with her hilarious male sidekick, Ron Stoppable, and their friend the tech-whiz, Wade, who banded together to fight numerous villains, most notable of whom being Dr Drakken and Shego.

It was a show with wonderful characters, amazing story arcs, and brilliant animation, and so it’s no surprise that during its five years on air, the show was nominated for eight Emmy awards, and was the winner of the 2005 Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing – Live Action and Animation. It was also praised for its strong female role model, featuring a brave heroine who used her own intelligence, and heart, to help save the world.

Yet the success of the show, although ensuring fan popularity, also means there will be high expectations for the promised live-action. The prospect of Kim Possible returning to the screen is, for many, a joyous event, but this, of course, comes with a few doubts, and there are many worries as to who will be cast to fill the role of this favourite heroine. Currently, Disney has revealed nothing more about the production, but there a number of fan favourites as to who should play Kim herself, with IMDb compiling its own list of ‘possible casting options’, one such favourite being Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.

However, one confirmed bonus is that the scriptwriters of the upcoming live-action are none other than the show’s original creators themselves – Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley – as well as Josh Cagan, known for The Duff. Also announced are the co-directors, and co-producers: Adam B. Stein, and Zach Lipovsky, with Blyth Nailling as the casting director.

At the moment the film still has no projected release date or any confirmed stars, but hopefully, more information will be released soon. I personally know that I’ll be keeping my beeper handy to hear more of the sitch regarding this upcoming movie. Let’s hope it’s as brilliant as the fantastic original show!

Georgia Butcher

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    I’m trying to throw myself out there as a possible name for playing Kim Possible. #KyndallForKim. Check out my page and like to show support! 🙏🏻🙂

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