Single On Valentine’s Day? Impact’s Got Your Back

There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day as a singleton, or away from your S/O, without boycotting anywhere that advertises a couple’s meal deal or sells roses.

After major brainstorming, I have shortlisted a few activities that can fill your day so you do not have to suffer through the crippling loneliness that accompanies this day anymore:

1) Tinder
Popular app turns drinking game. Fun for the guys and the girls and even more fun in groups. There are many versions out there; somewhere you just swipe right to everyone and drinks are had based on the replies, and others where your friends vote on whether to swipe right. Personally, I think there’s some fun to be had in conjuring up your own rules. For instance, “drink when someone shares your name”, “down your drink when someone you know appears”, or, my favourite, “have a shot when someone has a dog in their profile pictures”. Fun is as endless as your alcohol stash.
2) Cinema
Though completely out of character, a friend suggested going to see the new instalment of the supposedly thrilling 50 Shades franchise. Though a little ashamed that this is actually on my list of things to do, I’m just going for a laugh. But hey, don’t necessarily follow my example when you’ve got the Black Panther and The Greatest Showman also currently on the list of cinematic triumphs.
3) Creams
Perfect for any event – birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or just a Wednesday, to be honest. Gather your friends and treat your sweet tooth to a delightful binge on whatever waffles, crepes, milkshakes, sundaes or cookie dough that catches your eye. What can I say? I’m an advocate for eating your feelings.
4) Palentine’s Day!
Who said that Valentine’s day has to be about just celebrating the lovers out there? This day can, and has been, used to celebrate those that are important in your life, and not just in a romantic sense. Show your love and appreciation for your friends, whether that be by exchanging presents, or going out to dinner and spending time together. For this day isn’t just about relationships, if you make it about your friendships.
5) Go out
Whether that be for a day trip to a different city, or on an impromptu night out with friends. Despite the array of themed nights that will inevitably grace the town, there is still an alcohol fun-fuelled night to be had, and I will bet anything that some absolute bangers will be played that are usually left off the playlist.
6) Social Media Detox
Set yourself the challenge of denouncing social media for the day away from those sickening couples posts that can’t touch you if they can’t be seen by you! I can’t lie, this is not something I could do successfully in any way, shape, or form, but you may be more fortunate in your attempts, and who knows? It could provide a refreshing new outset on your daily routine in general, and not solely act as an avoidance strategy.
7) Self-indulge
No, not that. I was considering more along the lines of a harmless check-up on an ex’s Facebook/Instagram, a nice beverage, and a haughty laugh at their poor life decisions.
8) Something your Ex Despised
Continuing on the theme of Exes, take this day to do something they weren’t a fan of. Didn’t like Chinese food? Order the most shredded duck you’ve ever seen. Disliked shopping? Go on a spree (within reason- you’re not made of money). Didn’t like dogs? …then you made the right decision there; what the hell were you thinking?
9) Activities
I’ve done my research, so you don’t have to, and Nottingham is bustling with different things to get your teeth into to take your mind off what date it is. The University of Nottingham Theatre is putting on a production of Sister Act, the Canalhouse bar is hosting a comedy night, and Rock City plays host to Franz Ferdinand, for those not so keen on the clubbing scene.

Remember, ultimately, it’s not worth getting sad about, because everyone, including you, is worth more than this day. Forget about not having a date, forget about all the couples competing to be the cutest on Facebook with their collage posts. Forget all of it. Plus, let the 15th roll around, and it’s half price chocolate everywhere.

Katherine Gomes

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