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Album Review: Esme Bridie – Today It Rains

Esme Bridie’s debut album, Today it Rains is a storybook of songs each detailing the all too relatable process of growing up. Her distinct and hauntingly beautiful voice gives her songs a calm dreamy atmosphere, detailing the human experience.

The young songstress worked alongside Klee Music, an independent Liverpool based label with the result being an extraordinary piece of break-out music. The music label described Bridie’s music as dealing, “with the usual life themes of love and loss, redemption and guilt, but from the view of someone born at the cusp of the 21st century.”

“‘Self Destructive’ is a strong, honest introduction to the singer songwriter”

The album is a testament of raw emotion and depth, her lyrics poetical and heart wrenching. In particular, the opening track ‘Self Destructive’ is a strong, honest introduction to the singer songwriter and a striking one at that, starting her album off with a bang and setting a high standard for which the rest of the album follows without disappointment.

Unlike many albums, I was surprised to find that there was never a dull track. All the songs either work together in a kind of symbolic harmony creating a patchwork of emotions and memories that collectively create a fluid story for the audience. Or else, in isolation as individual masterpieces that offer us some insight into looking at the world in lots of different ways.

“Esme appears to be telling us a story with her lyrics and sound”

‘Strangers’ was another beautifully evocative track, characterising the naivety of new love that everyone has experienced at one point or another. Like I said before, Esme appears to be telling us a story with her lyrics and sound – one that is brought to life and tangible through our own memories and the unique meaning that we attach to each song. The backing vocals seem to remind us that this is an inclusive type of love, like the nostalgia of a first kiss that lingers on years after it is over.

Her music has a kind of universal appreciation, as each track acts like a trail of breadcrumbs taking us on a journey. ‘In Love with the City’ is almost audio-locative, it’s non-specificity meaning we could be anywhere in the world, her excitement for this mysterious city is contagious, reminding us how nice it is to be alive.

“It has a timeless energy”

Bridie’s album is a roller coast ride of ups and downs, as she carries us along on an emotional experience and one that I can confidently say many will be returning to. It has a timeless energy to it which makes it even harder to believe that she’s a fresh, young musician when her songs carry such an age of wisdom to them.

My favourite track on the album was ‘Queen Bee’, a jazzy fun tune, characterised by numerous guitar riffs and showing the versatility of her sound. Bridie is a musical chameleon, her powerful voice and lyrical composition capable of taking her listeners anywhere.

Today it Rains has an easy, flowing current that develops a wealth of self-reflexivity whilst offering us a variety of depths, tones and subjects that most musicians could only dream of achieving.

Folky and reminiscent of Gabriella Aplin and Dodie Clark, her airy romantic vocals prove that she has a sound that will never go out of fashion.


Esther Kearney

Image Courtesy of Esme Bridie Official Webpage

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