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BREAKING: Graduation at the University of Nottingham now free for two guests

The University of Nottingham and the University of Nottingham Students’ Union (UoNSU) has confirmed that graduation is now free for both students and two guests for the 2018 Summer ceremonies.

Along with the two free guest tickets, students will have the option of purchasing a third ticket, which will be made available for a fee.

In previous years, the University charged all guests £20 to attend graduation, with only students able to attend for free. The hiring of gowns will remain charged, which as of last year cost £45.

“We have been lobbying the University over the past year to reduce this cost.”

Speaking to Impact, Cassie O’Boyle, the current Students’ Union Education Officer, said:

“After a combination of focus groups and Education Network consultation, we have been lobbying the University over the past year to reduce this cost. We had confirmation this morning that after our campaign – the University have agreed to give every single student 2 free guest tickets.

“This is a really exciting example of how your officers and representatives can work to make really tangible change for the students at Nottingham.”

Jack Taylor, a third-year English student, said: “When you are paying as much as you are for fees, it should not be the case that you and your family should pay to attend your graduation.

“Gowns seem to be archaic to me, and I think we should get rid of them altogether.”

Emily Harbottle, a third-year English student, also said: “This is long overdue considering how much we pay in fees.”

Connor Higgs

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