Hustings: LGBT+ Officer

On Monday 5th March 2018, the candidate running for LGBTQ+ Officer in this year’s Students’ Union Elections participated in an election hustings.

James Pheasey was given a minute to introduce himself in which he mentioned his experience on the LGBTQ+ Committee as a campaign officer, indicating he is looking forward to the opportunity of being able to continue some of the ideas he is currently working on.

“he would ensure all voices are included”

James highlighted a number of his manifesto points, describing its distinction between inward-looking policies “towards the network” (encouraging inclusion for example), and outward-looking policies “towards the SU”(including policies such as gender-neutral toilets and staff training on LGBTQ+ issues).

Following this introduction, James was asked about how he would ensure the inclusion of transgender voices. James acknowledged that it will be difficult to engage with and represent all the different identities in the network as just one officer, but asserted that he would ensure all voices are included. He would achieve this through the implementation of representative committees by promoting the voices of all identities on the Network’s Committee.

“James [wants to ensure] the implementation of gender-neutral toilets on all campuses”

When asked about the biggest change he would introduce, James referred to ensuring the implementation of gender-neutral toilets on all campuses and indicated that he would take practical steps to achieve this by providing Estates with as much information as possible on the potential location of gender-neutral toilets to enable their rapid implementation.

He expanded on this by reasserting his manifesto point of representative committees to allow extra input for all identities in the Network Committee.

Eleanor Gray 

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