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The first day of campaigning for the Students’ Union elections has finally approached, but so has the snow.

With the heavy snow keeping many students at home, it has been a relatively slow start to the campaigning week.

However, at 9am you could still find some candidates and their enthusiastic supporters wearing their respective campaigning t-shirts whilst walking around Portland.

“[My team] are planning on going Ocean, so look out for the orange t-shirts.”

One of the most vocal supporters came from Marissa’s team. Holding a poster, the supporter was enthusiastically telling everyone to: “Vote Marissa for Community!”

The first candidate spotted by Impact was Jacob Collier, who is running to be the Community Officer.

Asked how the first day of campaigning was going, he said: “It is really cold this morning, so we had a bit of a difficult time putting the banners up.”

He continues: “But we have had a few good conversations with students about my branding and policies. So, I look forward to speaking with more people.”

“I look forward to speaking with more people.”

Not far from Jacob was Ama, a friend and supporter to Pete Lendon, who is running for SU President.

Ama, who was standing by the staircase near the new Portland entrance, told Impact that the campaign was “going fantastically.” She went on to say that people are taking well to the posters.

When asked which manifesto point she likes the most, Ama said: “I like the one about ‘Choose Respect’. She goes on to explain that “despite any race, ethnicity, gender, or religion, you can be respected on campus. And if there is anything that happens, then we will fight for you.”

Emma Hodges, running for Sports Officer, was the last person Impact talked to.

Sitting at the Welcome Zone with two of her friends, Emma informed us that she has already made a campaign video which will hopefully be ready for Friday.

When asked if she has been able to get many supporters to help with her campaign, she said: “I have got the Netball Club which is lovely, and then lots of friends from other sport clubs.”

Despite the cold weather, all candidates will be hitting Ocean tomorrow night, with Jacob saying: “[My team] are planning on going Ocean, so look out for the orange t-shirts.”

Sarah Lindgarde 

Images courtesy of Impact Images.

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