The 5th day of campaigning for the Students’ Union elections has approached. With the signs of spring weather finally showing up on campus, the SU Elections candidates are continuing their campaigning week.

Even though campaigning on campus is scarce, most candidates’ online presence is strong. From Facebook campaign videos to Instagram and Messenger stories, candidates are doing their best to spread their message.

However, at the entrance of the Hallward Library, Mike Flanagan, who is running for Activities Officer, is campaigning alongside his team. “Campaigning week has been good so far. Next I will head to Jubilee Campus, to the Business School, because I think that because it is such a big and important school in our University, we should make sure people there exercise their right to vote,” Mike told Impact.

Impact also talked to Marisa Muramatsu, a Community Officer candidate. She is campaigning near George Green Library today. “Campaigning has been going very well so far. I managed to keep the energy for it and I am happy to have strong emotional support from my friends and all the students I have managed to talk to so far,” said Marisa.

When asked about her plan for the remaining days, she noted that: “I think that for the remaining days it is really important to have an even bigger presence online. For the last remaining days of campaigning I will definitely go for one big push on social media.”

With only a few days to go before results night, candidates such as Cassie Ulrich and Stuart Wharff, both running for Sports Officer, have already begun increasing their online presence. They are having their friends and supporters share their manifestos.

Their campaign videos also stormed Facebook, making sure as many people as possible hear about their campaign.

With the weather now on their side, candidates plan to hit the clubs tonight. “I plan on going to Crisis tonight for campaigning because I believe that right now it is really important to be out there as much as possible,” Marisa told Impact.

Teodor Ispas

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