Meet your 2018 SU Postgraduate Officer Candidates

During our Students’ Union Elections Media Day on Saturday 24th February, we chatted to the candidates who are running to be elected as your Postgraduate Officer for the 2018-19 academic year. Take a look at what they had to say.

Daniel Grossegger

Daniel Grossegger is a PhD Civil Engineering student, running for postgraduate officer.

Daniel indicates he is running because he “wants to change something by making life for postgraduate students easier”. He states that he will achieve this through “extending welfare and health programmes for postgraduate students”.

Daniel explains that “for undergraduates, programmes exist where the Student’s Union provide fruit and water in the library. However, as a research postgraduate, I don’t really use the library. If I need to, I go in, get what I need and leave because I have an office desk”. Therefore, Daniel wants to increase the welfare services available to postgraduate research students.

As Postgraduate Officer, Daniel’s main policy would be to “look into exam arrangements and methods, and diversifying them”. He indicates that some “taught students have one written exam after the other and we could change this to oral exams or project work in certain cases” but admits that this “depends on the subject you are studying”.

When asked about his experience for the role, Daniel indicates that he doesn’t “really think you need any experience as you learn on the job”. However, he adds that in second year he ran “as a sounding board representative for Postgraduate students in engineering”, meaning he “worked a lot with the Postgraduate Officer to receive feedback from students on certain topics such as teaching options and judging on the staff Oscars”.

Daniel admits that he is nervous about the campaign as he is “not very extroverted” and so although he possesses “good points which students can benefit from”, he is aware that the elections are “a huge popularity fight”.

Eleanor Gray

Agata Miezaniec

Note: Agata did not attend the Media Day on 24th February.

Agata is a full-time third-year international PhD student and is running to be your Postgraduate Officer.

She is currently involved in the Postgraduate Committee, and co-author of the Students’ Union Student Life Blog.

Agata, if elected, plans to create more opportunities for professional development, by creating a student-focused University website regarding postgraduates, while created a student conference exclusively for University of Nottingham postgraduates, where they can present their research on a multidisciplinary level.

She also aims to develop the mentoring system, so that any personality clashes between tutors and students can be addressed, to ensure PhD students get the best possible tutor for them.

Agata would also like to revamp Welcome Week for postgraduate students, whilst also providing regular social events to network.


Kunj is also running to be your next Postgraduate Officer and plans to use his experience as an International student to improve the postgraduate experience for all.

Kunj, if elected, will look to implement a focused Welcome Fair for international students, increase support levels for PG students in writing research proposals for summer projects, and create a formal meet where departmental undergraduates, postgraduates and post-doctorates all discuss the development in their respective research field.

Kunj also believes that his experience as a student in India and Nottingham, receiving the Developing Masters Scholarship from Nottingham, will serve him in good stead as Postgraduate Officer.

He also aims to increase the levels of guidance regarding housing, travel and shopping to postgraduates who may not have completed their undergraduate degree in Nottingham.


Note: Newy did not attend the Media Day on 24th February.

Newy, running to be your Postgraduate Officer, aims to improve the work efficiency of services for postgraduates, if elected.

Newy states in their manifesto that they plan to ‘establish an alumni circle for postgraduates,’ whilst also ‘providing more useful information and opportunities for them.’

Newy also aims to improve the service and circumstances for postgraduates, such as ‘providing more MSc rooms and more in terms of a leadership curriculum.’

Newy insists that their experience as a student in Nottingham for the last four years will be integral, along with his volunteering work in 2016.

Newy also stressed that their ‘pure love for the University of Nottingham makes them want to devote their time to making it better.’

Tiara Cosme

Note: Tiara did not attend the Media Day on 24th February.

Tiara Cosme summarises her manifesto by stressing that, ‘no matter how many meetings [she’ll] be stuck in, [she’ll] always have time for those in needs.’

Tiara’s manifesto is centred around improving the focus on the wellbeing and life transitions of postgraduate students.’

She believes that there should be a greater focus on the control of alcohol intake, the lack of cooking knowledge by students, questions of consent, and the stress from the insufficient management of time or even finances.

Tiara also aims to review the nature of gym membership prices, with a view at looking to introduce different membership prices for postgraduates due to their different academic year time.

She cites her experience as a Hall President and her current status as a postgraduate living on campus, which she feels ‘gives [her] more insight’ into what the University is in need of.

Connor Higgs

To read the manifestos for your Postgraduate candidates, head to the Student Leader Elections website.

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