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Nottingham Café Crawl

A definitive list of the best places to pretend to revise in Nottingham, tried and tested.


1.   Nottingham Contemporary

“The perfect place to sit and revise”

Although the Contemporary café sits at the bottom of a massive stone set of stairs whichever way you go about it, don’t be put off as the café inside is the perfect place to sit and revise. It’s a spacious room that tends to play a collection of vintage tunes. The music blends in to the background and is mostly atmospheric. Many of the tables have no access to sockets, so may be best for those who prefer to work out of notebooks. It’s quite an inspiring place, and I always find myself torn between wanting to people watch and also work when I’m down there, as its bustling but also peaceful. The drinks are also quite cheap, which is a bonus, and the food looks amazing. It’s a well-lit space too, and there’s plenty of spaces to sit on your own as well as in smaller groups. The best thing about the Contemporary is the ability to venture upstairs on your breaks and have a nosey around their free exhibitions.



2. 200° Coffee, Carrington Street

“There’s a feeling of productivity”

This may be a bit out of the way for those bussing into town, as it sits near the Station, but this gives it the perk of being slightly less busy than the one on Flying Horse Walk. Most of those here are council workers, or part of the rising numbers of Nottingham Start Ups, and there’s a feeling of productivity as a consequence that may inspire you to work. The coffee here is amazing, and there are always a range of brews to choose from. As a Nottingham start up themselves, they are extremely personalised, and although their drinks are a little bit more expensive they feel worth it. There are plugs for those studying with a laptop, and it’s a short walk down the canal to Lenton.



3. Wired Café, Pelham Street

“A place for those who are into a more edgy, arty vibe”

Wired has the perfect atmosphere for a group meeting, with its longer tables on the top floor. It’s slightly noisier, but if you’re with a group of people this wouldn’t be a problem. There are plenty of sockets around for those who prefer to use laptops, and if you’ve come on your own the downstairs is a bit quieter for a better focus. The window seats are great for those who like to work and still feel like their involved in the world, but don’t have any plugs so again may be best for notebooks. There’s a variety of drinks and the food is really good. This is a place for those who are into a more edgy, arty vibe in their study locations.



4. Broadway Café 

“An inspiring space”

In the heart of Hockley is the independent cinema, Broadway, which has an amazing café perfect to sit and revise in. The tables that line the walls are all equipped with plugs and the seats are often filled with the arty and the studying typing away on their laptops. If you’re a fan of pizza, then on certain days they do a two for one on their film-inspired pizzas, and the specials are always fun too. Even a black pudding one was featured once! It’s also an inspiring space, with mood lighting and a light buzz in the air. Then when you’re finished writing you can go and treat yourself with a showing of a new indie release.



5. Lee Rosy’s 

“The perfect location for sitting back and absorbing your surroundings”

Directly opposite Broadway is Lee Rosy’s tea room, a study favourite of mine. With two floors and stacks of plugs, its great for a more casual study session as well as group work and pre-exam crack down. It’s also got the best hot chocolate of the lot, which is important information. The range of tea is also amazing for those who love to venture out into the world of flavoured drinks. It’s generally the perfect location for sitting back and absorbing your surroundings. It’s also got table service which is great because tables fill up quickly, and you don’t have to experience the true sadness of watching all the free tables go as you queue for your drink. The lighting may be a bit low for some, but in general this is a great location for getting some work done.


Holly Wilson

Images courtesy of Holly Wilson and Broadway Cinema

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