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Spotlight on: NUDance

If you’re looking for the chance to join a rewarding and friendly society, then NUDance is the place for you. Becoming a member of this society is a great way to take some time off your degree, whilst having fun, making new friends and getting in a high intensity workout too. Whether you’re a first or a last year student, everyone comes together to support those that have a passion for dance! As a second year English student, I will be reviewing my first year of being a member of NUDance.

NUDance holds classes throughout the week, mainly on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, although the exact timetable is emailed out every Sunday evening and is usually posted on their Facebook page too. Classes typically run for an hour, which is the perfect amount of time to take your mind away from the stresses of your degree whilst still being productive and enjoying yourself. There are a wide range of classes that are put on, meaning there is something for everyone. The different styles include:

  • Contemporary,
  • Commercial,
  • Jazz & Lyrical Jazz,
  • Tap,
  • Street
  • Ballet


Most classes are held in the society’s own mirrored Dance Studio, which can be located in the Portland Building on University Park Campus. NUDance classes are taught by 4 external teachers, some even being professionals who have worked with artists such as Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Little Mix.

“Being a member means that classes are £3 each and £4 for non-members”

You are able to become a member of NUDance society by purchasing a membership for £10, which accounts for the whole year, although these membership prices are often subsidised at the start of the year and can be bought for around £8. Being a member means that classes are £3 each and £4 for non-members. Furthermore, members can also purchase a Star Card for £25, meaning that you get 10 classes at £2.50 when bought in advance. As well as this, sessions in Freshers and Refreshers week are often £1, meaning that you can trial each class for a reduced amount to see whether it’s for you or not. Classes are also reduced when teachers, due to their professional careers, cannot attend a class, meaning they are student run and so cheaper.

One of the most exciting parts about NUDance are the events organised by committee members that run alongside the classes every year.


  • As an extension of NUDance classes, the society also offers the opportunity to audition for the various competitions teams, which are made up of Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Street and Wildcard (a mash up of different styles of dance).
  • The auditions are organised early in the Autumn term of each academic year, where a short routine is taught in the audition, which is then performed back to the teacher and members of the committee.
  • If successful, you will receive an email and be added to the competition team pages on Facebook.
  • Rehearsals usually take place after classes, or at the weekends before a competition, typically on Sundays.
  • The 17/18 NUDance Competition teams have competed in the following:
    – Manchester Dance Competition
    – Loughborough Dance Competition (the biggest inter-university competition in the UK)
    – Go Hard or Go Home: University Dance Championships.
  • Being in a competition team is an incredible experience, since it allows you to thrive in a close-knit group of people who all have the same love for dancing on stage.
  • For the Manchester Competition, there is also the chance to stay in a hotel overnight before the big day!


  • The annual show is an opportunity for members of NUDance, who do not necessarily have to be in a competition team, to showcase their dancing abilities.
  • In the later half of the Spring semester, teachers begin to choreograph routines for the show, that anyone is able to participate in, as long as you turn up to weekly rehearsals.
  • Dancers will also have the chance to choreograph their own routines and audition for them to be a part of the show.
  • The 2018 NUDance show, CULTURE, will be held on the 5th and 6th of May and will also include all the competition routines as well.


  • Some competition teams are asked to perform at various events throughout the year.
  • For instance, the 17/18 Jazz competition team have performed at:
    – Her Campus Fashion Show in aid of CoppaFeel and
    – University of Nottingham Engineering Ball.
  • NUDance performances also take place at some of the annual Varsity games between University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.


  • Workshops with west-end stars, such as Layton Williams.
  • Collaborations with other societies, including LBSS (Latin, Ballroom and Salsa Society).
  • Postgraduate and Alumni Events.

NUDance is a society that encourages people of all ages and abilities, offering beginners/intermediate and advanced classes for street, tap and ballet. This way, you are able to join in the fun even if you’ve had no previous experience and are instead looking to find a new hobby. The commitment levels also vary, in that you can essentially become as involved as you like. You are able to audition for as many teams as you like, but this means you are obliged to turn up to weekly classes and rehearsals. Alternatively, you can just attend classes and be a part of the show, again, meaning you have to attend the classes when show choreography starts. Or, if you feel you do not want to commit to either, then you are able to turn up to classes as and when you please.

NUDance has won multiple awards across the country and also won UoN Student Union’s Society of the Month in February.

“Typical socials include club nights out or sober socials such as pizza evenings”

Not only do you get to learn amazing dance routines and gain technical ability, but you also can meet people from all walks of life and make memories that will last you a lifetime.


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