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Do you enjoy long walks around art galleries? Art-themed club nights? Blog writing and more? Then CROP UP Gallery is perfect for you!

CROP UP is a student-run art gallery, who are passionate about immersing themselves in the art world. We curate pop-up exhibitions and organise fundraising club nights for both students and the public. The original concept behind CROP UP is that a ‘gallery’ is not a fixed space, so we don’t have a physical gallery space at the University. Instead, we work with art galleries, institutions and bars in Nottingham, as well as local artists and art students.

Our aim is to provide an engaging and hands-on experience in all aspects of working in an art collective, with everything from curation, graphics and photography, to marketing, PR, social media, and events management. We gain a unique insight into how the art industry operates and an opportunity to work with professional institutions and artists. Our members also have the opportunity to learn new skills, including organising exhibitions and events, promotion and marketing, and get their creative juices flowing by designing leaflets, posters, zines, and press releases.

For the past five years, CROP UP has curated exhibitions with BACKLIT Gallery, Derby Quad, New Art Exchange, and Nottingham Trent. Previous fundraising nights include our Pop-Up Arts festival with Hockley Arts Club in 2016 and our Groove and Funk night ‘Groove is in the Art’ with Bar Eleven. We are currently working with Lakeside Arts for our ‘Sanctuary’ exhibition opening this spring. Sanctuary is a collaboration between CROP UP Gallery and Nottingham Lakeside Arts and explores the idea of an art gallery as a refuge and how sanctuary is found both within the art gallery and the self. Featuring fifteen photographs, the exhibition is a varied and exciting collection of stunning nature and portrait photography. The exhibition also uses cutting-edge Art Codes: an aesthetic twist on the more recognised QR codes. Simply download the Art Codes app, scan the art code on the walls and a special webpage will pop up with engaging information about the artworks. There will be a student walkthrough by members of the CROP UP team on Friday the fourth of May, 1pm-2pm. As students, we are excited to bring our unique perspective of these brilliant photographs and would love your readers to come along.

Alongside our main exhibitions and fundraising events, we also have numerous side-projects. Our blog has recently had a redesign and we have launched a series called CREAM OF THE CROP. It is a way for everyone in the team to write about their favourite piece of art, exhibition or gallery and allows us to engage with art in a way that is not exclusive to our current exhibitions. We have also reviewed different exhibitions at galleries up and down the UK from the Tate Modern to the Whitworth. Further, we have provided insider information to readers about the artists and institutions we have worked with, who they are and what has inspired them.

This week we have launched our new online photography exhibition CROP SPOTS. Our photography team have been busy capturing CROP UP members’ favourite places in Nottingham, with both film and digital cameras. So, keep your eyes peeled for these amazing images on both our blog and Instagram page.

Sanctuary Exhibition Information

Exhibition Dates: Saturday 7 April – Sunday 13 May 2018

Student Walkthrough: Members of the CROP UP team will be giving a walkthrough and talk on the artwork and their experience curating the exhibition.

1pm – 2pm, Friday 4 May

Admission Free

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm.

Address: University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Admission: Free


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Molly Chatterton and Alice Avis

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