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Impact brings you a new and "often-overlooked indie rock band" that requires you to lend them your ears

The Night Café are an often-overlooked indie rock band who deserve some love. If you’re into the likes of ‘Catfish and The Bottlemen’ and ‘Circa Waves’, then you’re bound to like this young, up and coming four-piece from Liverpool.

Bandmates Sean Martin, Josh Higgins, Arran O’Connell and Carl Dillon all met in secondary school and came together due to their mutual love for ‘The Beatles’. Although they are yet to release an album, they still have plenty of good music to go around. To be totally honest, the only reason I discovered them was due to them popping up on my ‘suggested artists’ on Spotify. But I heard one song, and I was instantly hooked. There’s not one of their songs that I dislike, which is pretty remarkable if you ask me.

With pop and rock influences, their sound is catchy and fun but also has meaningful lyrics. If you’re seeking something that’s feel-good and infectious, look no further. The band released their first single ‘Addicted’, a chilled, laidback anthem, in 2015 and since then have gone from strength to strength.

Their EP ‘Get Away From the Feeling’ was released last year and features four songs: ‘Mixed Signals’, ‘You Change With the Seasons’, ‘Strange Clothes’ and ‘The Way of Mary’. Each of these is energetic and catchy in their own right, with faultless vocals from lead singer Martin. His northern roots are prominent throughout, but I’m not complaining since I’m a sucker for a northern accent. ‘Mixed Signals’ is their most popular single to date, with over 2 million plays on Spotify.

Despite being relatively new to the music industry, they already have a robust and dedicated fan base, appealing to teens and young adults in particular. The boys obviously have a very close bond, which is reflected in the quality of their music and is particularly impressive for a band that hasn’t been together all that long. Their relationship is especially evident in their single ‘Together’, which discusses friendship, stating ‘I’ll be there ‘til the end’. With that in mind, undoubtedly my personal favourite of theirs is ‘Turn’, which has electrifying guitar riffs complimented by lively drums.

I saw The Night Café perform for the first time on March 21st at Rock City. They are currently supporting ‘The Wombats’, another scouse band, on their UK and European tour. They sounded great live and created an upbeat, exciting atmosphere leading up to the entrance of the main act. I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled for more upcoming performances by The Night Café soon. In the past, they have supported another two of my favourite bands, ‘Sundara Karma’ and ‘The Hunna’, and I can see The Night Café enjoying the same successes as these bands in a few years’ time.

They also played at The Bodega back in January, which I sadly missed. If you happen to be attending Reading and Leeds Festival this summer in spite of the anti-climactic line-up, The Night Café have been announced as one of the acts performing, so at least it won’t be a complete letdown. They were featured on the Best of the Indie List 2017 Playlist on Spotify too. And yes, I have used for Spotify for all of my stats regardless of my editor consequently throwing shade at me, but so what? It’s the best.

If you’re a fan of indie music, it’s a promise you won’t be disappointed. With almost 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, they’re an ever-growing band with so much more to give. I’m very excited to see the inevitable release of their debut album, and will happily witness what incredible future works they’ll present to the indie music scene.


Sophie Hunt

Featured Image courtesy of Sophie Hunt

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