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James gives us a run down of the new look and sound for Mallory Knox...

With the British alternative rock band Mallory Knox coming to Nottingham on their 2018 tour, here’s a short preview of what to expect before they step onto the stage at the Bodega on Thursday.

The band was first thrust into the spotlight in 2013, with their debut album Signals breaking the UK Top 40. Since then they have only continued to grow. Their following two albums Asymmetry (2014) and Wired (2017) both reached the UK Top 20, and with 250,000 monthly Spotify listeners, they go from strength to strength. However, earlier this year it was announced that front-man Mikey Chapman would be leaving the band. So, what can we expect from the new, downsized Mallory Knox?

Since this news, the now four-piece band has released one single: ‘Black Holes’. It is a slightly new sound, with bassist Sam Douglas taking over lead vocals. While noticeably different, his voice still blends very well with the band and his vocals are allowed to shine having been promoted from backing vocals. ‘Black Holes’ is still quintessential Mallory Knox at its core, relying on driving riffs, thumping drums and catchy vocals, it just feels a little more stripped back. With this, Douglas is able to showcase his grungy tones. In an interview with Vulture Hound, he described the single as “a conscious effort to go back to basics. We really want the listener to be able to hear every part being played and I feel we’ve achieved that”.

With this in mind, what can we expect from the tour? Whilst Douglas may not have Mikey’s voice and charisma, he is certainly more than capable of bringing his own presence, and the loss is unlikely to affect the band in the long run. Despite some mixed reactions to ‘Black Holes’, the band has sent out a firm statement that they are not going anywhere soon and will continue to make the same music that fans have enjoyed for the last four years. And it appears fans have responded well as they have sold out every venue.

With their fourth album reportedly on the horizon, their set list may well give fans a chance to hear some new songs, as well as reimagined renditions of fan favourites like ‘Sugar’, ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ and ‘Better Off Without You’. As five becomes four, only time will tell whether this band from Cambridge will be better off without Mikey, but the future looks bright.

James Hurman

Featured Image courtesy of Mallory Knox via Instagram

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