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EP Review: Sonny – Northern Nights

James gives us an insight into this up and coming artist...

Introducing Sonny, the eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter from South Shields. Combining indie and soul, his new EP Northern Nights showcases his breathtaking voice and incredibly mature lyrics.

The EP clearly draws on influences from folk and soul such as Jack Johnson and Stevie Wonder. The first song ‘Ain’t Too Proud To Beg’ highlights this perfectly, combining an acoustic verse with a more soulful swell in the chorus. His voice is on full display here, with a gritty Sam Smith-esque tone seldom heard from an eighteen-year-old. The songwriting also carries an emotional weight as he nostalgically recalls a past relationship, expressing “you never know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone”. The lyrics are powerfully resonant as he draws upon an authentic sense of vulnerability.

 “It feels like Sonny is really in his element here”

The second track demonstrates his diversity, establishing a rock element with the excellent ‘Supernova’, which wouldn’t sound out of place in a Tom Grennan album with a heavier beat and a faster strumming pattern. It feels like Sonny is really in his element here as his voice and the sound carry a swagger. In an interview he explained ‘Supernova’ shows a new rockier side to his music and he pulls it off flawlessly.

‘Lonely Man’ is a smooth soul number as Sonny shows off a softer side to his voice akin to that of Michael Bublé. This song is hauntly emotional as pleads with someone contemplating suicide. He approaches the subject with such authenticity.

“I have no doubt that Sonny has a future ahead in music”

The final song ‘Calm Down’ is a classic ballad about trying to make a relationship work. With nothing but his voice and a piano, we really appreciate the control and delicacy of Sonny’s voice which complements the grittiness of his voice in ‘Ain’t Too Proud To Beg’ and ‘Supernova’.

Despite admitting that he was breaking new grounds, ‘Supernova’ is my favourite song on the EP. Having said that, all four songs are very good and I strongly recommend giving them a listen if you have a spare twenty minutes over the summer. And while you’re at it, give his single ‘Princess’ a listen too. I have no doubt that Sonny has a future ahead in music, so just remember… you heard it here first.


James Hurman

Featured Image courtesy of Sonny Official Twitter. 

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