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Film Review: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Cher, Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Lily James all in one film was definitely something I did not know I needed in my life, but that made the 12-year-old musical theatre enthusiast in me quiver with joy; and if you’re into musicals as well, this is one not to miss.

I was fascinated by the acting as I watched Lily James embrace the mannerisms of Meryl Streep’s portrayal of her character Donna, whilst simultaneously bringing her own style of acting to the table. All the actors, in fact, did an amazing job with the way they conveyed their characters through the ages that it almost felt as if the film were really filmed through the character’s lives.

Besides the iconic cast, it became clear from the start of the film that the budget and vision for this sequel was meant to be grand. The film was filled with beautiful camera shots and transitions, it flawlessly intertwines the lives of all the characters, whilst exploring both the past and present. Most of the film was basically filmed in paradise AKA Greece; it leaves nothing to be desired.

“It exceeded my expectations”

I can honestly say that I was completely taken by surprise by this film, I am not exactly sure what I was expecting but I know that it exceeded my expectations, especially due to how rich the storyline was compared to the first one. The film was filled with feel-good moments, but it also touches upon more meaningful themes such as love, loss, grief and even acceptance. It focuses on the importance of family and friends and on the beauty that can come from history repeating itself.

There is something for every mood in this film and I feel like it will grow to become the go-to film for any life situation… Sad? Watch Mamma Mia 2. Happy? Watch Mamma Mia 2. Don’t know who your baby daddy is? Watch Mamma Mia 2. Want to sing along to some wonderfully cheesy songs? Watch Mamma Mia 2 or hit up the big O on a Friday night. Although, only one of these things you can do in your pyjamas and I think we all know which one is better. All jokes aside, the storyline is full of twists, turns and randomly quirky characters popping out of every angle which just adds to the appeal of the film.

“It has everything you could possibly wish for in a feel-good, sort of coming-of-age film”

I believe it is the full package. It has everything you could possibly wish for in a feel-good, sort of coming-of-age film about finding yourself and following your heart from cringe worthy, to emotional, to awe aspiring, to hand-on-the- heart and a smile, to wanting to get up, sing and dance along with the cast; this movie has it all.

I believe anyone who has an opportunity to experience it on the big screen should definitely give it a go since it is a much better experience than streaming it on your laptop from a dodgy piracy website. I guarantee you will be completely captivated by the magic of this cinematic masterpiece.


Elisa Oricchio

Media courtesy of Legendary Entertainment and Universal via IMDb.

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