Location, Location, Location – choosing where to live in second year

So, it’s the depths of November, the weather is deteriorating, and you’re starting to panic about looming coursework. Through the despair, someone at other end of the dining table whispers about moving out of Halls and into your first student house. “Have you found your house for second year yet? I’ve signed to mine two weeks ago! You best hurry – the good ones are going fast!”

One of the most important things is making sure you have chosen the right group of friends to move in with. Once this is sorted the next crucial step is figuring out where you want to live. You’ll suddenly find Lenton swarming with anxious Freshers and the countdown to ‘Finding a House Before the Christmas Holidays’ has begun because, according to your peers, all the student housing will be gone by then (disclaimer: this is most definitely not true).

Location is really what it’s all about. Are you a person who prefers quieter areas, so you can actually sleep before that 9am? Perhaps Beeston is for you then. Or are you the type that must be within walking distance of every house party? Lenton is your calling. Wherever you choose to set up home for your next year at university, it’s always a good idea to write a list of pros and cons. You don’t want to be stuck so far into town that it’s a trek to campus. Likewise you don’t really want to be too close to campus either – it’s always infuriating when you’re running late but the bus drives past because it’s too full. Fret not, I have compiled a list of pros and cons for the most popular student areas in Nottingham to serve as your guide to house hunting in Notts…


Pros – You’ll be surrounded by a huge number of students, local supermarkets perfect for your grocery shopping, and a short walk or bus journey onto campus. It’s situated right in between campus and the city centre so you’re close to restaurants and clubs to make the most of student nights out.

Cons – There are slightly higher crime rates in the area, the gym is a little further now, and you may lose out on some sleep due to drunk students returning from their night out, McDonalds in hand.


Pros – If you’re more the pub kind of student rather than clubs, this is the place for you with a whole host of English pubs to choose from. With Tesco, Iceland, and Sainsbury nearby you don’t have to venture very far for your weekly shop. The small town’s high street even has a few stores like New Look is you should need.

Cons – Beeston is still a good walk to University Park Campus, so not ideal if you’re based at Jubilee. There is a more local feel to Beeston, so it may not be the student bubble that some people seek. It is miles away from the hustle and bustle to that of Lenton – although that may be just your cup of tea!


Pros – Located just outside of University Park Campus, you definitely won’t miss any lectures and you can do those all-nighters in Hallward without having to worry about getting home. If you leave something important at home, you can always run back from uni to get it. It is a quieter area, so you don’t have to worry if you’re going to get a good night’s sleep!

Cons – It is quite far from the city centre so that means expensive taxis on nights out (although Uber is you friend here). You may have to plan your activities more if you’re other friends live in Lenton and you have to travel to pre-drinks.


Pros – The area is very nice and close to the picturesque Wollaton Park. If you’re a runner or enjoy long walks during revision breaks, then Wollaton is ideal. There are lots of nice cafés around and you’re secluded from the loudness of the main road.

Cons – It is on the opposite side of campus to all other student locations so won’t be easy to visit other friends’ places.


Pros – You’re right in the heart of the city meaning everything you could want or need is on your doorstop. Late night out? No worries, your house is right there. Price and quality of student accommodation in the city is good too and there is competition for both UoN and Trent students.

Cons – It is a long trek to campus and not many UoN students live in the city centre, so you may feel ostracised from the student bubble.

Whichever area you choose to live in for second year, have a good look into the different areas and think about what type of person you are and whether this would suit the qualities of the area you are looking at. And remember to not feel pressured into getting the first house you see – have a good look in multiple areas and go from there.

Shanai Momi

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