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As the University of Nottingham prepares for another exciting year of sport, with all the teams entering their pre-season training, there are plenty of sports to get stuck into this academic year. Whilst the likes of football, netball and rugby are often seen as the most popular sports and gather a wide range of sporting talent, there is a sport for everyone at Nottingham. Here’s just a few of the more obscure ones that could tickle your fancy.

Joining a society team is not just about the activity itself, it is about the friends you make on the way and representing the University in a previous or newfound hobby. There’s crazy socials and a sense of identity to your chosen activity (as well as a pretty cool kit), where you’ll be able to show off your individual skills as part of a close knit, friendly team.

It is always good to broaden your horizons and jump into something new, a healthy university lifestyle can never be based around work 24/7, meeting new people and having memorable experiences should also be included. Listed below are a few more of the unusual sports at the University of Nottingham that are equally as enjoyable as the more prominent sports.

“From those looking to play very competitively to those who think the sport sounds like a good slice of fun with your friends, the University has a team for you.”


I’m nearly certain that most people at some point have had a leisurely game of Frisbee at the park. However, Ultimate takes your Frisbee skills to a whole new level. This high intensity sport is certainly not for the faint-hearted, requiring athleticism, team work and rapid decision making. The game is made up of seven players on each team and the main objective is to complete a pass into the opposition end zone to score points. When a pass is made the player cannot run whilst holding the Frisbee and they have only 10 seconds to throw the disc or it is turned over to the opposition team. Sounds relatively simple? In terms of the rules maybe, but the physical and mental speed of the game is certainly not simple.

It adds a competitive edge to a simple game of Frisbee that creates a fun-filled sport. From those looking to play very competitively to those who think the sport sounds like a good slice of fun with your friends, the University has a team for you. The University of Nottingham has multiple teams in the BUCS leagues to play against other universities, including men’s, women’s and mixed teams. For those looking to play competitively the taster sessions and men’s trial is listed below.

Taster sessions

Mixed – Sunday 30th September 14:00–16:00, behind Florence Boot Hall
Women’s – Tuesday 2nd October 17:00–19:00, Jubilee Campus Sports Centre
Mixed – Wednesday 3rd October 14:00–16:00, behind Florence Boot Hall 

Men’s Squad Trial

Friday 5th October 21:00-22:30, DRSV 3G Pitch


I know, the image of Harry Potter dressed in the red of Gryffindor gliding through the air comes into your minds, but I’m afraid it is impossible to fly as of yet. However, this sport is the next best thing and is a must try for any keen Harry Potter fans. The pitch is set up in a similar fashion to that in the films, with an oval pitch and three hoops at each end. The goal is to score more points than the other team by the time the snitch, a tennis ball in a sock, attached to the impartial official is caught. Points are scored when the quaffle is thrown through the opposing teams hoops.

There are also bludgers – a dodge ball – that can be used to take out opposition players. This is all whilst holding a broomstick between your legs of course. So, basically it is the same Quidditch we’ve all watched and loved except without the addition of magic. The sport is on the rise in the UK, after only having been created in the Muggle world in 2005. So if you fancy grabbing a broomstick and joining in, the Quidditch and Harry Potter Society could be the one for you.

“The University of Nottingham has more sport teams than any other UK university so it is the perfect place to experiment and potentially find a new hobby”


Korfball is a sport with similarities to netball and basketball. Essentially the aim of the game is the same, throw a ball into a basket to score. The court is set up similarly to a netball court, except with hoops being placed 2/3 of the way from the centre to the end of the zone (each half is called a zone). A team consists of four men and four women and is made up of defenders and attackers and attackers cannot step foot in the defensive half.

However, after a zone change the court spins so the defenders become the attackers and the attackers now defend, giving each set of players in a team a chance at offense and defence. In possession of the ball, as with basketball and netball, the player cannot run or walk with it, and tackling, blocking and holding are prohibited in the sport. The game requires tactical teamwork, quick thinking and fast movement in order to break down the opposition. It’s certainly one to try for any basketball or netball players looking for a new twist or anyone who enjoys team sports.

The University has an array of sporting teams to participate in, of which I have named just a few of the less well known but equally exciting ones, from water sports to table tennis there is something sporty for everyone. The University of Nottingham has more sport teams than any other UK university, so it is the perfect place to experiment and potentially find a new hobby you can learn to love. Head down to the David Ross Sports Village for the Welcome Fair on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th September for more information about each society. They can let you know the ins and outs of each activity and how you can get involved. Who knows, we could all be watching you on our TV screens in the years to come.

Tristan Simpson

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Featured image courtesy of UoN Ultimate via Flickr.


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