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Ever thought about modelling? Want to work alongside your studies? Model Students is a modelling agency based in the Ingenuity Lab at the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus. Their aim is to help students find part-time modelling jobs, working with a range of clients from Boots to Paul Smith, Pretty Polly Tights, Pro Direct Sport and Puma. This summer I had the pleasure of completing an 8-week internship with the company through the University of Nottingham’s Summer Internship Scheme, giving me an exciting insight into the modelling and fashion business.

“They couldn’t have been more welcoming to me as an intern.”

Even if you have no previous experience, modelling can be a brilliant way to earn money, as well as having fun. With flexible hours and seasonal opportunities, modelling can work well for students to balance with other commitments. Although modelling can be a competitive and rigorous business to get into, this kind of work has plenty of benefits and there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go.

Founded 8 years ago, the company director is Anna Gray, an alumnus of the university who modelled for various clients whilst studying for her business degree. Model Students work with a number of the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University students, both as models themselves and as fashion students who book models to show off their collections.

Along with being based right here in Nottingham, the agency also works with models in London, with José Pope being the head agent in London. Another University of Nottingham alumnus, José is a professional fashion portrait photographer who works closely with the models. The Model Students team are an incredibly friendly and approachable group to be a part of and they couldn’t have been more welcoming to me as an intern.

“They pride themselves on being an ethical, diverse and open-minded company”

It is an agency different to many others. Along with the advantage of being locally-based, the company places emphasis on their models’ great work ethic and personalities, not just their looks. Therefore, their models are ‘more than just pretty faces’. Model Students have recently become part of The British Fashion Model Agents Association (BFMA) alongside agencies like Storm and Boss. As a member of the BFMA they pride themselves on being an ethical, diverse and open-minded company.

Their blog is a great reference point for not only those interested in modelling, but for anyone who is concerned with issues within the fashion industry. Throughout my internship I had the opportunity to research and write about a range of significant topics, including mental health in the fashion industry, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, LGBT+ representation by fashion brands and inclusivity in the modelling industry. The importance of speaking out about these issues cannot be understated.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Model Students team and I would recommend their services to anyone; models, photographers, designers and clients alike. The agency has grown considerably over the course of 8 years, and I’m sure they will continue to go from strength to strength, attracting bigger clients and even more exciting opportunities.

Sophie Hunt 

For more information about Model Students, including their blog and how to apply, refer to their website.

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    I want to join you !

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    Thanks so much for the wonderful article Sophie! It was a pleasure having you part of the team and we miss you!

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