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Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, particularly if you don’t know your way around. As a fresher, I often got confused in the town centre but once I located all of my favourite shops I felt immediately soothed. 

Nottingham has a great variety of stores on offer where you can buy all your uni faves. 

Victoria Centre 

“Victoria Centre is the obvious first port of call for high street shops.”

Victoria Centre is the obvious first port of call for high street shops. In there you will find Topshop, River Island and Urban Outfitters (who sell a lovely array of cacti to brighten up your accommodation). 

Aside from clothes, the Vic is also home to LuvYaBabes. You will soon become a regular to this fancy dress shop, especially if you join a sports team or society. They offer lots of different options for cheap prices. 

Moreover, it is worth visiting Tiger and Sostrene Grene (located next to LuvYaBabes) for cute room decorations. They are also great for birthday decorations to brighten up your flat for a celebration. 

High Street 

Five minutes away from the Victoria Centre you can find Primark. The Primark on the High Street is a decent size and not too hectic; it is perfect for a student budget. The home department is also worth a visit as there is a small but sweet collection of cushions, throws, fairy lights and other uni-room-appropriate decor. 

Other staples of the High Street include Zara, H&M and New Look. 

Vintage Hockley 

For all you freshers, Hockley is definitely worth exploring. It is the vintage, quirky and insta worthy part of the town centre. 

“Vintage clothing is very popular among uni students”

Vintage clothing is very popular among uni students and a few shops stand out in particular. Braderie, who offer a discount for students, Cow and Wild Clothing. They all have a great range of clothes, brands and accessories, as well as having quirky and fun interiors. Whether you want baggy sweatshirts and Levi’s, or reclaimed vintage tops and dresses, these shops are perfect. Vintage Hockley offers a great range for both guys and gals. 

Also located in Hockley is White Rose 2 & 4, with both of these vintage shops offering all of the proceeds to charity!

There is plenty of choice in Nottingham, both high street and vintage, for everyone to explore. I have very much enjoyed spending too much money in these stores.

Millie Buttery 

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