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Album Review: Jonny Desai – Night

Singer-songwriter Abhishek Jonny Desai-Abram, making music under the name Jonny Desaiis a Cambridge-dwelling musician who has recently graduated from The University of Nottingham. After the success of being awarded a First Class with honours degree in music, the success only continues as he is soon to release his first album titled Night. 

There are 7 tracks on this album, varying in length and style, but they are all link together very nicely, evident not only through the music but by the titles of the tracks themselves: ‘Daylight’, ‘Evening’, ‘Stars’, ‘Birdsong’, ‘Dawn’, ‘Cry’, ‘Night’.

The first track of the album is ‘Daylight’, which features a gentle acoustic sound as Desai seamlessly slides between notes, keeping a slow and relaxed pace throughout. There are no vocals on this track, which allows you to really listen to and appreciate the music.

“Desai’s soothing voice and pleasant harmonies”

Second track, ‘Evening’, is one of the longer tracks on the album. There are more factors introduced into this track, as we are met with more electric sounds, drum and percussion, as well as whistling in more of an upbeat sounding song. The whistling is a really nice touch, something that we don’t often come across in music, but something that adds a different element to a song. In this song we first encounter Desai’s soothing voice and pleasant harmonies, and it has an interesting cyclical fact as the whistling which is introduced at the beginning of the song is also present as the song is coming to a close.

‘Stars’, the third song on the album, has more of an intense feeling to it when compared with the tracks that precede it. Combining impressive vocals which rise and fall as different beats are introduced and a wider range of instrumentals, including the ethereal sound of a harp, this is my favourite song on the album.

“The fitting together of songs is certainly noticeable throughout the album”

The fourth song of the album is titled ‘Birdsong’. This track is a completely different style to the previous song ‘Stars’, yet they manage to fit together, both being very engaging songs in their own specific ways. The fitting together of songs is certainly noticeable throughout the album, whether songs are more graceful and pretty like ‘Birdsong’, or more intense with a greater amount of laying as in ‘Stars’.

Fifth track, ‘Dawn’, once again highlights Jonny Desai’s impressive and wide-ranging vocals. As well as the vocals themselves, the lyrics are equally enjoyable to listen to, and go hand in hand with the synth-y sounds present at the start of the song and the use of other instruments throughout.

“‘Cry’ has a simultaneously sombre and enchanting tone”

The penultimate track, ‘Cry’, is the longest track of the album, lasting almost 5 minutes. ‘Cry’ has a simultaneously sombre and enchanting tone. The sound effects of rain and thunder work well alongside the lyrics of this song and add a unique element, which fades out calmingly as we are brought onto the final track.

‘Night’, the final track of the album, has a soothing feel to it, with simple yet effective use of guitar and piano. There are sections of the song where lyrics are absent, which allow you to reflect on the song, as well as those that have already been listened to. This song rounds up the album nicely, ending it on a reflective and positive note.

“This album truly radiates talent”

This album truly radiates talent and a sense that a lot of thought has gone into each and every song. As well as the album itself, the album artwork is impressive. Painted by Jonny Desai himself using oils, it is a piece of art that truly complements and relates to the music.

The album ‘Night’ certainly feels more like an experience that simply listening track-by-track to an album, featuring lyrics that to many people will be relatable in one way or another. The album is put together in such a way that it’s hard to believe this is Jonny Desai’s first album. I can’t fault it.


Alana McKenna 

The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes now, with songs available to be listened to on Apple music. The official album release date is the 26th October and following this, Desai will be performing a live stream album launch on the 27th October at 12:00 on his Facebook page. The idea of this live stream is that everybody tuning in can hear it from exactly the same point, completely in sync so that they can experience the album as a whole, from start to finish.  

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