Dear Agony Aunt: I don’t know what to wear for halloween…

Dear Auntie Carol…

I have absolutely no idea what to dress as for Halloween! Can you help?

Auntie Carol says…

What a timely question! Welcome to an ooky spooky edition of Auntie Carol!

No, we’re not going to let the fact that Halloween is TOMORROW phase us – after all, diamonds are made under pressure! I’m not advising you dress as a diamond, that would be bizarre (UNLESS you do it in style of Britney’s Toxic video – now that would be hot).

So my absolute favourite types of costumes are ones that flip the gender of a well-known character. They just make me go WOW! Inspirational! Imaginative! Unique! All the adjectives! I want to see girls dressed as the Joker and Tarzan. I want to see boys dressed as Wonder Woman and Jessica Rabbit. Just have some FUN with it! It’s 20GayTeen – gender is a construct! Everybody sits down for a wee now.

If I see a costume like this on Instagram, it’s getting a like from Auntie Carol’s main account AND her finsta – maybe EVEN a comment.

“Whatever you decide to dress as for Halloween… Commit to it 110%!”

What I am NOT a fan of however, is a standard fancy dress outfit made ‘dead’. Someone lied to you and told you that it’s a good idea – it’s not! If you’re dusting off an old fancy dress outfit just to KILL it with some fake blood, then I’m sorry but NOT having it. You’re at university now – use your imagination! If I see any dead Disney princesses on Instagram, I will not be liking it! Honestly, I might even report it.

Whatever you decide to dress as for Halloween… Commit to it 110%! Set your make up! And use protection!

Alexa play ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (Hocus Pocus version).

Put some treats in my bag if you know what I mean (ask me a question here please).

Auntie Carol

Featured image courtesy of David Goehring via Flickr. Image license found here.

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