Interview with Sea Girls

Set to make a tsunami in the indie rock scene, four-piece band Sea Girls are about to embark on their biggest UK tour yet. Impact had the pleasure of chatting to singer and songwriter Henry ahead of their opening show at Nottingham’s Bodega on Thursday 4th October.

How did the band form?

We have known each other since school but we were in different years. Between us we were in four different bands and line-ups. I started out doing bass, but I knew I wanted to be a singer. After we all moved to London it made sense to make a band and do it together, it felt really natural since we were the core music group from our school.

 Where did the name “Sea Girls” come from?

We got the name from lyrics from a Nick Cave song, ‘Water’s Edge’ – “the girls from the capital who dance at the water’s edge”. It sounds like a different world and different entity, which seemed really attractive to us. The original lyric is “city girls” but we changed it to Sea Girls.

“I grew up listening to weird rock music.”

Did you always want to be in a band?

I always wanted to be a singer or performer. I was in a band with my sister when I was two, called The Wilder Beasts or something. My mum was a DJ in her day, I grew up listening to weird rock music. I loved going to see cover bands with my parents growing up. I found nothing else like it, it was like a Billy Elliot moment.

Who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

As a band we have a lot of guitar influences like The Killers, Oasis and Nick Cave. But we also admire great writers like Amy Winehouse, her music was really special.

What music did you listen to growing up?

The Killers, Greenday… I went through a Metallica stage as well. I loved Bombay Bicycle Club, I saw them perform at an NME stage.

“I love the adrenaline, it’s like the feeling before going into battle or before a big fight.”

What are you most looking forward to on your upcoming tour?

We’re excited to get playing again, it’s a massive release for us to play so much. There are 12 shows, so it’s great to get out there and play for more and more people. We love getting out on the road and seeing places, but the best thing about the tour is the shows and being on stage, knowing that people have bought tickets to see us.

Do you still get nervous?

I do get nervous, yeah. But I enjoy getting nervous. I don’t normally drink much before a show, I’ll have a coffee instead to make me more nervous. I love the adrenaline, it’s like the feeling before going into battle or before a big fight. We’re getting used to it now.

“It’s amazing to write a song, record it, release it and have a lot of people listen”

Do you often crowd surf?

When it feels right I do it. I try to do it at every show. I crowd surfed at Reading doing our last song, but I was almost dropped. About six girls gathered to help me up.

What is your favourite venue that you have ever played?

Omeara, that was our last big London show on our previous tour.

 What inspires your song writing?

Expressing feelings and shared human experience. I often write about anxiety and little moments in your day which you can relate to relationships. It’s something that I feel like is in my head and need to get it out.

 How would you describe your new single ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’?

Up-tempo, brash. It’s written from an interesting state of mind, lyrically the story is from difficult state of mind. It doesn’t hold back.

What’s your favourite record you’ve released so far?

Our vinyl is being printed at the moment. It has three great singles, they’re really varied and show our range. I’m really proud of that. Also, releasing our first single ‘Call Me Out’ was great.

How have you found the whole experience being in the band?

Playing little gigs in London seemed normal for us, but it started moving fast after releasing the single ‘Call Me Out’. It just feels comfortable and keeps the pressure on us to progress. It’s amazing to write a song, record it, release it and have a lot of people listen. To have a connection with people who like us, knowing it is part of our story.


Which venues are you most excited about on the tour?

We haven’t played at Nottingham before. So that’s new, and Sheffield, Belfast and Dublin. It’s good to get around more and more as our tours go on.

 What do you do to wind down and relax?

We have some drinks, the other guys game a bit too. Watch Gladiator. I’ve got Russell Crowe’s haircut at the moment. Go rock-climbing. Try out new stuff. We like a good classic film, we re-watch those all the time.

“We’ll get back writing and recording.”

What’s next for Sea Girls?

We’re recording, we write all the time. We’re recording an album in 2019. I’ll probably have a haircut or two. Christmas is coming, so we’ll be buying Christmas presents for our families. We’ll go to a Halloween party. We’ll get back writing and recording.

Sea Girls will be performing in Nottingham this Thursday 4th October at The Bodega – be sure to check them out!

Sophie Hunt

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