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Landscape of Light: Luminarium Installation Review

Though it may look like an inflatable obstacle course from the outside, Architects of Air’s Luminarium display provides a far more serene playground than its exterior anticipates. After a wonderfully short queue time, I stepped into a Narnia of soft psychedelic hues and equally ethereal music. This interactive art installation provides a labyrinth of curving coloured tunnels, electric blue pillars, and red constellation domes.

If your Insta is feeling a little stale, this is the spot to snap some truly /aesthetic/ selfies. But you will have to be trigger-happy with your camera to get a perfect tunnel picture without an excited kid running through the background.

“An other-worldly space where you can forget about your responsibilities for a short while and just breathe”

If you are, like me, just finding the novelty of being back at university starting to wear off, and the work starting to pile on, the Luminarium provides an other-worldly space where you can forget about your responsibilities for a short while and just breathe. The staff do a good job of restricting the amount of people entering the Luminarium at once, with fixed viewing slots, to maintain a relaxing atmosphere (despite the excited children in the background of your photos).

Remove your shoes to explore this colour-saturated slip-and-slide.

I personally preferred chilling out in a secluded green nook to the slightly uterine undertones of the bright red caverns, but the sculpture as a whole is impressive, and worth a visit to the Lakeside Arts Centre. Another pleasing note is that the Luminarium is wheelchair accessible.

I would highly recommend that you go explore this kaleidoscopic walk-through exhibition at the Lakeside Arts Centre, even just to take some time out of your day to de-stress and enjoy something beautiful. At just the price of a drink, it’s not breaking the bank either.

Buy your tickets at the Lakeside box office for just £4 per person. The Luminarium is open until 28th October.


Annie Peppiatt

Images courtesy of Annie Peppiatt.

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