The Best Christmas Jumpers of 2018

Esme talks us through the best Christmas Jumpers this season!

Christmas season is officially upon us, and even you grinches who insist on the festivities being reigned in until December 1st can’t deny that! This means Christmas jumpers are back in store, and here are some of the best of 2018.

Primark is with the times with this design. Millennial pink, unicorns, that soft, fluffy texture—it’s cute and fairly subtle, all things considered. Sometimes Primark can be a little hit-and-miss, but this jumper is definitely a win.

Of Life & Lemons is a UK brand based in Essex. Their Christmas jumpers are for pun-lovers who don’t want to sacrifice legitimate style and aesthetic beauty for the sake of a few amused groans. This gin-based jumper is cute without being obnoxious, and combines subtle linguistic fun with minimalist design. A great job all-round.

Tesco’s F & F Clothing pushes their luck with the sheer amount of sparkly adornments to this jumper, but the muted grey background, stylish loose fit and turtle-neck collar helps to make it acceptably festive. Bonus points for keeping a relatively subtle colour scheme and mixing it up with a varied size of sequins.

Topshop offers up two designs here, so you and your best pal, significant other—or, lets be real, you and yourself—can celebrate without matching or clashing. While one is decidedly more muted, the bold triangular design is still eye-catching, and the other has a busy print with plenty of colour and shine for those dreary winter days.


George, Asda’s clothing brand, has this adorable penguin design for 2018. It has classic Christmas iconography of a penguin wearing a scarf, and all for £16! Don’t be afraid to look in the supermarkets for deals—sometimes you’ll find a real bargain.






Okay, this isn’t technically a Christmas jumper, it’s a cosy cardigan from Next’s Emma Willis collection. But it’s in traditional white and red colours and looks like the perfect item of clothing for slouching around in while still remaining firmly within the festive category, which is honestly the best category for all and any clothing.



Urban Outfitters is, as always, unafraid of making bold (read: risky) choices with its clothing, but this one is intentionally ugly. Christmas jumpers are often meant to be ugly—daresay, they’re better when they are? This one channels some serious 70s vibes, but with a modern, larger pattern and cropped hem. I for one think it’s perfect to wear all year round, but maybe that’s just me.

Primark follows suit with this design. I’m not certain it’s intended to be strictly Christmas jumper, but that’s the best part—you can get away with wearing this piece long before and after December. With an abstract, purple glitter print, it will certainly turn some heads.



Rounding this list off and with immense flare (and bravery), is Zara. Somewhat reminiscent of the Urban Outfitters sweater, this piece is for those who really wish they lived Whoville. Every colour in the rainbow, an eclectic mix of shapes and sequins—if you want to prove your love for the festive season and leave glitter everywhere you go, this is what you need to put on your Christmas list this year.

Esme Johnson

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