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Behind The Scenes: That 70s Show Photoshoot

Our ‘That 70s Show’ photoshoot was released in our #254 issue of IMPACT. Here is a quick behind the scenes about what inspired the shoot and how it all came together…

I recently started watching That 70’s Show (1998), mainly because I was intrigued by the fact it was where Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher first met and I immediately fell in love with 70s fashion. The curly hair, thick turtlenecks, bell-bottom flares and patterns galore, I could not get enough. The shoot also drew inspiration from the movie Dazed and Confused (1993) which was also set in the late 70s.

We gathered around ten models, both girls and boys, to be models. We chose the Lenton Recreation Ground as the shoot’s location; we felt it worked well with the friendly atmosphere that we wanted to create, and it was like the parks they meet up in, in That 70s Show.

In terms of hair and makeup we wanted it to be bright and flamboyant as it was in the 70s. So, we told the girls to keep their hair down and did a bit of backcombing here and there. We used a bright array of eyeshadows. We managed to source a pair of bellbottom flares for every girl, covering almost every shade of blue…

For the boys, we focused on tight t-shirts and turtlenecks with either oversized jeans or corduroy (which was a massive trend in the 70s). To make the shoot more fun and more of a student friendship group feel again, we gave lollipops to some of the models, making it feel more natural and playful.

This shoot was super fun to do and the final photos were amazing, keep an eye out for it in the #254 issue which is in stands around campus now…

Charlotte Hegley

Images courtesy of Charlotte Hegley.

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