Best fashion moments of 2018

2018 has been a great year and this has been no exception in the world of fashion. Here is my countdown of the top fashion moments of the year.

  1. Thank U, Next

Ariana always slays, but her recent Thank U, Next music video is iconic already as Ariana embodies all our favourite chick flick characters and brings them back to life and looks fabulous whilst doing it. We love you Ariana, keep slaying in 2019 too.

  1. Chanel on the Beach

Paris Fashion Week is always a huge event, but this year Chanel stole the show by staging their catwalk on a constructed beach including having their models walk barefoot. The effort that must have gone into creating the realistic set is certainly impressive and cannot be missed from this list.

  1. Ezra Miller being well Ezra Miller

There is no iconic moment quite like Ezra Miller turning up dressed as Toadette to Comic-Con this year, rapidly becoming viral. It was not only this instance, but Ezra has turned out look after look this year including a spread in Playboy magazine, and on the red carpet in his weird and wonderful array of bizarre outfits.

  1. Aquaria Models for H & M x Moschino

Drag has been a growing sensation and this year saw more drag queens than ever on the runway, but my favourite moment was the modelling of Aquaria, winner of this year’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, for H & M x Moschino. Aquaria was included in the campaign just like any normal female model and it feels like change is finally in the air in the fashion industry as all types of people are finally being embraced for who they are rather than their stereotypes. Will 2019 be the most diverse year yet?

  1. Heidi Klum steals Halloween, again

Heidi Klum is infamous for her incredible Halloween outfits and 2018 certainly lived up to the expectations. Klum went all out with prosthetics transforming herself into a real-life Princess Fiona from Shrek. This is the level of Halloween extra I aspire to be.

  1. The Launch of Savage X Fenty

The launch of Rhianna’s underwear line, Savage X Fenty, was an instant hit in 2018. Her fashion show aired the most diverse cast of models to date and broke the internet with its support. Fans praised the line for not holding back and embracing all races and body types including a pregnant woman on the runway.

  1. The Met Gala

This year’s Heavenly Bodies theme, despite being somewhat controversial, held some of the most iconic fashion moments of the year. Katy Perry, Blake Lively, and Rihanna were among some of the best dressed taking the theme to a new level of style. But it was not just the women who brought it to the red carpet; the likes of Jared Leto, Donald Glover and Chadwick Boseman really didn’t hold back. All in all, it was a display of stunning fashion which ended up being almost like art itself.


  1. The Royal Wedding

Without a doubt, the number one spot goes to Meghan Markle and her stunning wedding to Prince Harry in May. The royal wedding was a national delight and the dress was a complete hit that stormed newspapers for weeks after its debut. I mean, who did not shed a tear at her walking down the aisle? What a beautiful moment to remember the summer of 2018.

Miriam Thompson

Featured image courtesy of @blakelively on Instagram.

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