Rosa’s Recommendation of the Week – MOD Pizza

James talks us through this week's recommendation.

With deadlines approaching and the light ever growing at the end of the tunnel you may be wanting to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Well… have I got news for you? You’ve probably walked past it a million times, but MOD Pizza is one of the go-to places to eat in Nottingham. With its central location in Old Market Square, fast service and reasonable prices it’s the perfect student eatery.

“You can get a 10” pizza with unlimited toppings for £6 and some change”

Having been several times myself, I would like to think I’m somewhat of a connoisseur. And yet I am impressed every time that you can get a 10” pizza with unlimited toppings for £6 and some change (with your 15% student discount). When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING: to test this theory I decided to go ham (pardon the pun) and order every topping I could think of. These included, but were not limited to: Pepperoni, Salami, Chicken, Sausage, Spicy Sausage (yeah there are two kinds), Pork, Chorizo, Ham, Bacon, Beef Mince, Jalapeños, Feta, Extra Cheese and Pineapple – yeah I put pineapple on pizza – @ me. While I wouldn’t recommend this, I wanted to prove that you can get plenty of bang for your buck.

“The service is fast and the staff are friendly”

Not only is the price great but the service is fast and the staff are friendly. Every time I’ve been, everyone has been served within about 10 minutes, barring two exceptions. On these unfortunate occasions there was a mix up whereby myself or someone else was served the wrong pizza, however in both cases these were quickly remedied. And between you and me if you ask politely they’ll throw in a free refillable drink, which is definitely worth the extra few minutes wait. On top of the regular soft drinks, they have a selection of homemade lemonades, including strawberry, blackberry and classic, all of which I would highly recommend.

“The level of customisation is unparalleled by any pizza restaurant”

The level of customisation is unparalleled by any pizza restaurant I’ve ever been to, not to mention it’s cheaper and quicker too. For my verdict it’s a two thumbs up (not in a sarcastic way)!

James Hurman

All images courtesy of James Hurman.

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