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The 1975 @ Birmingham Arena

When you have been a The 1975 fan for years, it is only natural that you will want to see them live and it is so worth it. This band puts on such great shows that it feels as if you have fallen into one of their music videos and it is a party that you wish would never end.

Fun, eccentric, low-key sad but full of love and energy, that’s exactly what The 1975’s songs and concerts make one feel, all of those emotions at once that ultimately lead you to feel the happiest you’ve ever been. Since The 1975 have just dropped a new album, titled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, in November 2018, the concert in Birmingham Arena gave its attendees the opportunity to hear some of their new songs live for the first time.

“Being able to hear thousands of voices around you belting out each word was an incredible experience”

The show opened with their self-titled song ‘The 1975’, if you are a fan you already know this song is always re-adapted and used to introduce each new album, and the show opening with it was the perfect introduction to the beginning of the experience. Being able to hear thousands of voices around you belting out each word was an incredible experience that is hard to put into words, along with the dreamy light show that is typical of The 1975, it truly felt like home.

The band proceeded to play the first single of their new album: ‘Give Yourself a Try’ and, once again, the entire arena was dancing and singing along to every word with, the lead singer, Matty as he danced around on stage in the typical Healy fashion that we all know and love. This tour was the band’s first one playing in bigger venues, which can be disappointing for fans who like to be closer to the band, but having thousands of people in one room sharing the same ecstatic energy is a whole other type of feeling.

From the get go everyone, from the standing area to the very top of the seating area, was dancing and jumping around having the time of their lives and a couple in the standing area even got engaged during the song “Robbers”. Matty witnessed it happening, invited the couple to go to the very front and began to sing “Fallingforyou” from their first album; the perfect falling in love ballad.

“Everyone in there, starting from Matty himself, seemed to radiate genuine happiness”

The show continued with a repertoire of songs from their first album to the very last which gave everyone a chance to hear their favourite songs, to dance around and scream the lyrics back to the band. The addition of the Jaiy Twins to the tour was also interesting as there was more movement on stage compared to their previous performances, something that I believe added to the energy in the arena, as everyone in there, starting from Matty himself, seemed to radiate genuine happiness.

The entire show was an overload of emotions, radiating from the band to the entire arena. Everyone present could feel the emotional development from the last album, through which Matty was dealing with addiction and had to spend some time in rehab, to this one in which even the lyrics feel a little lighter, a little more grateful for being alive.

The show definitely lived up to all of my expectations, emotions never ran low during it and even afterwards it is so easy to recall the excitement that was felt that night. If you’re debating seeing The 1975 live, definitely do it as it is impossible to regret it!

Elisa Oricchio


Featured Image courtesy of The 1975 Official Facebook Page.

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