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Meet your 2019 Women’s Officer Candidate

Meet your Women’s Officer Candidate for 2019-20. 

Delphine Avraam 

Delphine did not attend the Media Day, however in her manifesto she has expressed how she believes “there needs to be an increase in recognition for the presence of the Women’s network. People
need to know that they are here to help and are willing to provide resources to support
students on our campus.”

“I would like to think of myself as three things: friendly, trustworthy and determined and I believe that those traits are what could make me a good fit for this role. I am willing to listen to people and try to address whatever problems might come my way.”

In her manifesto, Delphine also explains that “for the past year I have been General Secretary of the women’s network and without a Women’s Officer/President this year both me and what is left of the women’s network committee have assumed the role of running the network with the help of some members of the student union. In addition to this we have practically taken up most of the duties of the
Women’s Officer outside of her professional role within the Students Union.”

You can read her full manifesto here.

Sophie Hunt 

Featured image: Ella Taylor. 

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