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Miriam explains why the Irish actor is her style icon.

After recently seeing a debate on Twitter revolving around Americans declaring their love for Robert Sheehan as the next biggest heart throb after watching The Umbrella Academy, and British people responding they have had a crush on the man since Misfits, I decided that Robert Sheehan is the perfect style icon.

He first came to public attention in the above mentioned Misfits, but more recently has been in The Mortal Instruments films and the recently released The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, the cause of the sudden reinterest in him.

He may have started off in his well-known orange community (blow-back) prison suit as Nathan Young, who any British young adult who used to live on E4 remembers and misses frequently. But now Sheehan is out of the orange and breaking all the barriers with his red-carpet looks.

It seems that Sheehan, who is usually cast as a nonconformist, also applies this to his style. His runway looks are always eccentric, and this has something to be said of his fun and quirky personality. I think what makes his style so appealing is his individuality. With menswear it is often much harder to be creative and stand out. Although this is becoming more popular amongst male celebrities, Sheehan has the ability to pull it off.

In Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, which if you like superhero stories is a must-watch, he plays the on-screen character Klaus. Although playing an addict, which we find out is for a good reason (no spoilers), any viewer cannot help but love his mad character. His style in the show is equally bonkers and frequently features feathers, mesh, and leather.

Despite being rugged, I find Klaus to be a style icon because of his pure uncaring attitude that he can wear whatever he wants, including his sister’s skirts, and you can definitely see Sheehan behind the character as it is not that different to what he wears outside the show.

I think this is what makes Sheehan an icon in all he does. His attitude means that he can wear whatever he wants to and does not care otherwise. I love seeing how men are becoming bolder with their fashion statements and that it is now so accepted and even praised.

Sheehan constantly defies gender boundaries frequently wearing skirts down the red carpet including wearing a skirt to ComicCon this last year. It is warming to see such outfits accepted now and the idea that womenswear is no longer confined to women. Sheehan is a true fashion role model to any young men who feel the desire to express themselves and I find it amazing how men too can now wear whatever the hell they like without being slammed in the press.

I am looking forward to seeing how our much-loved Nathan from our childhood continues to produce inspiring red-carpet looks.

Miriam Thompson

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    I really love Robert Sheehan. I think there are the most interesting. The Robert Sheehan scenes are just the most memorable and the Robert Sheehan The Umbrella Academy Klaus Coat in Umbrella Academy is good in real leather for this winter.

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