What to eat on St Patrick’s Day?

The 17th of March is a day for embracing all things Irish, which stretches way beyond the borders of the emerald isle. If you are Irish, you will be accustomed to St Patrick’s day celebrations and Irish culture already, but if not, it is time to seize your annual opportunity to be Irish for a day. Expect endless streams of Guinness, hordes of people dressed in green and dancing all night. But beyond the obvious markers of St Patrick’s day celebrations, Irish cuisine is waiting to be discovered. We have compiled you a list of what to eat this St Patrick’s day, after all, it is especially important to line your stomach if you are going out in the evening!

Full Irish Breakfast

It is likely your celebrations could stretch across the whole day into the early hours of the morning, so what better way to start the day than with a full Irish breakfast? Eggs, bacon and sausage are the common denominators in a traditional English breakfast. But throw in Fadge (Irish potato bread), black pudding and traditional Irish soda bread to broaden your horizons to Irish culinary culture. Soda bread is to the Irish as what a baguette is to the French! This international favourite dating back to the 1840s is traditionally made with a cross on the centre to keep fairies away.

Steak and Guinness pie

Incorporating alcohol into cuisine spans many cultures and the Irish are no exception. Whilst the French boeuf bourguignon is underpinned by red wine, Guinness finds its way into Irish cooking in the form of the steak and Guinness pie. Many will settle for an Irish stew, but go the extra Irish mile by combining the country’s signature brew with a traditional stew in the form of a pie. This variation of a British steak pie is essentially a diced stew cased in pastry with an added kick given by the iconic black stout.


Whether you are at an Irish street parade or fancy a snack as you listen to Irish music in a pub, Irish Tayto crisps should be your go to! You can find these in many Irish pubs in England and even in the Irish food section of your local supermarkets. Tayto is Ireland’s most treasured crisp brand and in 2015, they were voted as the item most missed by Irish citizens who were living abroad, so now is your chance to find out what all the fuss is about! What’s more, a Tayto sandwich can function as the perfect hangover cure on the 18th of March.

Open your eyes and stomachs to the wonders of Irish cuisine this St Patrick’s day. Our above recommendations will keep you fuelled for your all night river dancing extravaganza whilst introducing you to Irish culture. You never know, you might discover something you continue to indulge in for years to come and not just on St. Patrick’s day!

Anya McLoughlin

Featured image courtesy of Ged Caroll via Flickr. Image license here.

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