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Georgina Pittman has been elected as your new Students’ Union Activities Officer for 2019/2020.

Georgina was declared Activities Officer for the 2019/2020 academic year after winning in the seventh round with 1699 votes.

Georgina said she was happy with the results and has been pleased to see all the support that she’s received during the campaign process. Seeing all the support over the last couple of days has been a huge highlight for Georgina and she felt very grateful and overwhelmed.

In terms of celebration, Georgina’s looking forward to seeing Andy Hoe at Ocean as she’s wearing the same dress she was wearing on her 21st when she was able to decorate Ocean pink, she states that “it will be a nice ending to my university experience.”

The manifesto point she is most looking forward to implementing is a rewards system for students who get involved with the SU “being apart of 11 student groups and 4 committees I felt a responsibility to give rewards and recognition to students.”

Round 1
Ava: 639
Emily: 759
Aanchal: 522
Rushi: 391
GP: 1134
Ozan: 354
RON: 109

Round 2
Ava: 643
Emily: 760
Aanchal: 523
Rushi: 392
GP: 1139
Ozan: 359

Round 3
Ava: 665
Emily 779
Aanchal 539
Rushi: 414
GP: 1156

Round 4
Ava: 691
Emily: 809
Aanchal: 569
GP: 1195

Round 5
Ava: 737
Em: 850
GP: 1253

Round 6
Em: 994
GP: 1368

Round 7
GP: 1699

Marvel Kalu 

Interviewed by Emma Heasman 

Featured image by Ella Taylor 

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