What Does Your Zodiac Say About Your Fashion Sense?

Elisa connects fashion to the stars.

Have you ever wondered if your sense of style is purely your own or if it was written in the stars long before you made the choice to wear that shirt? I have witnessed one of my friends guess a person’s sun sign just because of the way they were dressed. But people are more than just their sun signs, so which planets affect style the most?

I believe the planets to look at for style are Sun, Moon, Rising & Venus. If you wish to find your placements look up a birth chart generator and add your birth details, if not, just read on for your sun sign and always remember that astrology is just a fun way for self-discovery so enjoy it most of all!


Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries people love making bold statements. When they enter a room they make damn sure you know they are there. Same goes for their style. Think skater girl or bad boys wearing leather jackets. Think Rihanna (Aries moon) and Lady Gaga—they set their own standards when it comes to fashion, and it all screams Aries energy!


Think enchanted forest, Tureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and they definitely embody Mother Earth in their sense of style. They are very sensual and love earth tones, they choose comfort over anything but always remain strong, empowering, and put together. Also never forget how dramatic Taureans are; this is definitely evident in their style choices as there is always a touch of edge in their earthy Venusian style, like Donatella Versace and Cher.


These guys are all about duality so it is no surprise that Geminis don’t actually have a set sense of style. They dress according to whatever mood they are in that day and they also enjoy dressing the part. If they feel like a Rockstar that day you will definitely know it and the next day they will embody a completely different persona. They are a mutable sign after all! They are the curious twins of the zodiac and therefore LOVE thrift store gems and the uniqueness such clothes bring to them.


Cancers embody the angel on earth look in neutral, ethereal clothing. They are quite fashion forward, embodying the dreamy look with an edge. Ariana Grande is a perfect example of Cancer style, she manages to remain cute and soft whilst showing off a little bit of edge.


Bold and dramatic, Leos will catch your eye. What’s the point of wearing clothes if it’s not going to catch people’s attention? That’s how Leos see style: an opportunity to be seen and enjoy the limelight. These are people who pay attention to what their clothing will say about them and tend to only wear the best because that’s how they feel!


Coordinated outfits, makes good use of colour coordination. Outfits always seem like they are picked with incredible attention to detail which is typical of Virgo. They also love earth tones and are big on accessories as they show off the precision and calculated nature of Virgo. They are also a mutable sign so never expect things to stay the same but, like the Virgo queen Beyoncé, no matter what choice of style they make they will always exude an air of perfection.


Another Venusian sign, the style of a Libra can only be described as soft bubble-gum princess or hippie queen. They all have different styles that vary from skater girl to girl-next-door but once they are set on a specific style that fits their personalities they rarely change. They are very glam and not afraid to be super quirky with their clothes—think Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian!


They love presenting themselves as the edgy, mysterious, and the sexy rebel kind, but sometimes Scorpios will show off their soft side through their style. Like Drake and Kendall Jenner they always have an edge to them and will lowkey catch people’s attention through their mysterious essence.


Vintage, mix and match. Put together, either high end or thrift style. They love appearing expensive through their thrift finds and will go the extra mile to find the best possible clothing to show off their skills.


The most fun sign of the zodiac they love playing around with their style. They like making statements through their looks and tend to find a signature style and stick to it until they get bored and switch to something more interesting. This is very evident through Taylor Swift’s signature red lip or Vanessa Hudgen’s signature boho chic twist to anything she decides to wear. They are constantly changing but their style always remains appropriate for whatever stage of life they are in in that moment.


Super quirky! They will wear whatever they want whenever they want and to hell with those who dare to criticise them. They always resemble galaxies filled with extravagant colours and wonder. Aquarius is the most out-there sign there is, so expect them to always be bold and different.


The duality of cute vs. punk, Pisces tend to have outfits that are more out-there, and they always have a sharpness to them. They are the dreamiest sign and this will definitely be revealed in their style—it is as if they give off their own spotlight. Picture Kesha, whose style demands attention in the most subtle of ways. That’s what Pisces do!

Elisa Oricchio

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