Creative Corner Showcase: ‘Discovery’

As midpoint of summer, filled with time for relaxing, August is rife for making discoveries. Whether discovering new places, people, music, holiday destinations, or learning something about yourself. This month’s poems mirror each other: one is a discovery of memories at the sight of someone, whilst the other poem regards discovering someone new within yourself.  


A face to me, of indebted
Never seen eyes so open
The turn of your
head, the sound of your
Want to tell you right now
watch no moment pass

As I call you again in the depths of my
mind: unvoiced or
aloud, can’t seem to unwind

these knotted thoughts
they make me so
tied to
            you, (ask why?)
I look- the other side

Find you, and then,
(don’t know what I’d do)
go weak at the knees at the thought,
it’s true.
Steady my balance;
count down again-
remember to breath in the ‘there and

More rosy cheeks
                               Unsure when
I’ll pick myself up, for now be star struck


Olivia Morel


An inability

to recognise oneself now:

trapped in transition.


Before my eyes

former selves had coalesced

dimpled dreams and childhood’s smile

into this perverse transfiguration.

Traces of acne scars and angst

in these stains of sleeplessness

worn on a face I can barely call mine.

Once these eyes were the sole feature

I could rely on to remain unchanged,


always searching

for that girl who only revealed herself

inside perpetually dark irises,

their darkness starker now

these cheeks bear a faded blush.


At least in all my searching

these abhorred contours could

map out memories.


What is there to call your own

when you cannot recognise yourself?

Lauren Winson


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