Creative Corner showcase: ‘Darkness and light’

Now the days are getting colder and darker earlier, this month’s theme explores darkness and light. Our poets have explored a variety of interpretations- from spooky Halloween-esque poems to different kinds of darkness.

To let go

Sometimes I lie in the dark
for hours on end,
days on end
and I feel nothing.
My eyes weigh closed, I lie back.
I hear white noise, I’m engulfed in black.
I stretch my arms above my head,
a ballet dancer, a romantic,
and caress the darkness.
I follow it with my fingers
as it closes in on my skin:
over the contours of my body,
the hollow of my ribs,
every wrinkle, line, ridge.
I am a map of the past,
healed and scarred.
I let the darkness take me;
all that I am, all that I could be.
I feel nothing but the embrace
of the night, calling to me.

The call gets louder,
the pull stronger.
The heartbeat slows.
The darkness and I, are one.

Rachel West


submerges all else.

Lauren Winson



Closed eyes
these snapshots flicker in the mind’s eye
like images hung up
in a darkroom
for in the light of reality
such moments would surely

Lauren Winson

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Featured image courtesy of Tahira Rowe. Image 1 courtesy of Alfred Grupstra via Flickr. Image 2 courtesy of Lilly Sophie K via Flickr

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