Resting your Weary Head on Campus

We can all agree that uni can get a bit much at times. If it’s not workload, it’s your irritating housemates, the dirty kitchen, the lack of home-cooked food, missing your dog, ‘hangxiety’ or the suffocating feeling of regret from the night before looming over you. Whatever it is, everyone needs some quiet time; a place to rediscover your zen.

I’m craving relaxation and sanity now more than ever

Being in my final year of uni, I’m craving relaxation and sanity now more than ever. To find the best head-space spots on campus, I’ve explored the university grounds from top to bottom, and whittled them down to the following five.

Portland Coffee Co.

Known by most students as simply ‘Portland Cafe’, Portland Coffee Co. has that cosy coffee shop feel most students yearn for. With big squishy sofas, funky booths and cosy chairs your body melts into, it’s the perfect place for a cuppa. It’s that warm welcoming place you long for after sitting in your cold, uninviting lecture hall. The fancy décor that seems to be foreign to anywhere else on campus gives you that feeling of escape. After a few minutes there you won’t even feel like you’re on campus anymore. Plus, you’re surrounded by coffee! What more could you want?

Top Floor Teaching and Learning Building

I know what you’re thinking – top floor, that sounds like a lot of stairs. Worry not! The T+L building has blessed our lazy legs with a lift. So make your way up to E floor of the Teaching and Learning building for a quiet place to chill. There are bean bags and enclosed booths to relax and reflect. It’s also a perfect productivity spot, oozing with natural light to break away from the monotonous, dingy days in Hallward.

Vesper in Willoughby Hall

You should be seduced by the scrumptious Italian cuisine

Don’t be put off by the fact this cafe/bar is in a hall. It’s open to all years and I for one am so happy it is. If you aren’t enticed by the alcohol or pool table, you should be seduced by the scrumptious Italian cuisine. It is the perfect place to try if you fancy winding down with some pizza or pasta followed by a friendly game of pool.

Millennium Gardens

Situated next to LASS and T+L buildings, the Millenium Gardens gets my prize for the best head-space spot. Admittedly, it does rely on the weather being kind to us, as sitting outside admiring the beautiful flowers and mini moat sounds a lot more appealing if you aren’t showered in torrential rain. Nevertheless, these gardens are ideal for clearing your head after being cooped up inside for days on end

Hugh Stewart Gardens

If you are a country-bumpkin like me or even just enjoy a little bit of greenery every once in a while, head straight out of Hallward doors through the little gate in the hedge across the road into a beautiful little haven. There are wooden benches to sit on whilst you fill your lungs with fresh air and empty them of all the fresher-flu germs you’ve been surrounded by. There’s no better place to clear your head than the great outdoors.

Leonora Field-Foster

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