Climate Crisis and the Environment

Spotlight on: Sustainability Society

The University of Nottingham's Sustainability Society.

In light of current anxiety with climate change, Impact News reporter Abi Kara-Fernandes focuses on the University of Nottingham’s Sustainability Society.

As the concerns for the environment continue to grow, many people are working even harder to live sustainably. From cutting down on personal waste to boycotting certain brands, the small changes that we make to our lives can make a huge impact on preserving our environment. By joining the University of Nottingham’s Sustainability society, these adaptations can be made even easier!

This year, the Sustainability society has become even more inclusive and has almost tripled in size, showing just how big the cause is. Whether you just want to live more environmentally friendly by making your own products, like toiletries or crafts, or make a wider difference by campaigning or protesting, the society really does offer something for everyone. 

The society therefore brings together a great community of people all committed to being eco-friendly

This year the society is fundraising for Foodprint, which is managed by students at our university. Foodprint is Nottingham’s first social supermarket that looks to redistribute food that would otherwise go to waste to places such as food banks and homeless shelters, with any surplus food being sold in their store in Sneinton.

The Sustainability Society is holding a variety of fundraising events this semester, such as pub quizzes, bake sales, clothes swaps, club nights and sporting events. Members can also put forward their own fundraising ideas to be facilitated by the society. As well as socials and fundraising, the society hosts trips to companies, conferences, ecosystems and more.

There are  many career opportunities provided by the society, from career guidance, to networking and internships – if you want to seriously continue with making a difference post University, it’s never been easier. In accordance, there are numerous volunteering opportunities and talks held in Nottingham regularly posted about on their Facebook page. Film screenings are also held in Hallward Library, watching documentaries such as ‘Closing the Loop’ (which focuses on the circular economy) for those looking to educate themselves. 

A current venture of the society is creating ‘Eco-Bricks’. For more information on what an Eco-Brick is, read more here. As noted on the society’s Instagram, this is part of a wider campaign in which,

“we all set up an eco-brick in our house and committee members will collect yours every now and then. These will then be used as building blocks in either the local area, country or other countries that may need them.”

The society therefore brings together a great community of people all committed to being eco-friendly. This includes socials joint with other University of Nottingham societies including: VegSoc, PolSoc and PhotoSoc!

Abi Kara-Fernandes

Featured image courtesy of the University of Nottingham’s Sustainability Society via Instagram

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