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The Day Boris Johnson Listened

Yesterday, protesters gathered en masse to attend the people’s vote march in London. Such an occasion was to call for a final say on a “new deal” for Brexit.

The march has been hailed as one of the largest demonstrations in history with an estimated one million to have been an attendance. Only the 2003 protest against the Iraq War is comparable in size. 

The purpose of the march? Essentially, as Sir Keir Starmer noted,

“We’re marching together to say we trust the people, not Boris Johnson, to solve this Brexit crisis”

Many protesters could be seen waving EU flags and merchandise (including hats and t-shirts). Whilst others stuck to posters with the title of the protest, “Together for the final say”. Effigies of Boris Johnson could be seen throughout the crowds slogans such as, “Bring down Boris”. 

Notable in attendance was leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, who gave an emotive speech stating, “We can stop Brexit and build a bright future.”. The Liberal Democrats have not shied away from their stance on stopping Brexit, claiming it to be a national embarrassment. 

Once news broke that MPs had voted to back the Oliver Letwin amendment, the thousands of protesters crammed in Parliament Square erupted  chanting “people’s vote”. 322 votes to 306 meant that MPs backed the measure, which withholds approval of Mr Johnson’s deal and forces him to seek a delay. 

People’s Vote UK now urge those who believe in a final say to ‘send a message to the powerful’ by signing the open letter for a people’s vote. Within the open letter, it is stipulated that,

“we, the people, ask you to honour our shared democratic values by giving us the Final Say on Brexit.”

Since its launch on Saturday 19th October, 189,313 (and counting) people have signed. This evidences that a large sample of the population do want to ensure Brexit represents the will of the people.

Mia Haffety

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